Monkey Island 2 demo secrets

When playing Monkey Island 2 rolling demo using ScummVM you can get some interesting details on the early stages of development of "LeChuck's Revenge: Monkey Island 2". While playing press the escape key and you will arrive in Woodtick with complete control over Guybrush. After that you can visit a few places that are different from the final game. Below you can the differences between the demo and the final game. In the screenshots the demo is on the top and the final game on the bottom.

Scabb Island map (Room 2)

  • Cemetery
  • Swamp
  • Beach
  • Extra pond
  • Misspelled island name in the demo
  • Peninsula (it's a house in the demo)

Beach (Room 4)

  • Bart and Fink

Woodtick (Room 7)

  • Debris on the water
  • Sign

Bloody Lip Bar and Grill (Room 9)

  • Piano
  • Spittoon (only one the demo)

Bloody Lip Kitchen (Room 11)

  • Knife
  • Plates on the table

Swamp Rot Inn (Room 12)

  • Candle
  • Small key

Largo's bedroom (Room 13)

  • Toupee

Mad Marty's Laundry (Room 14)

  • Rat box

Woodsmith's Shop (Room 15)

  • Peglegs on the top
  • Fish above the door
  • Ladder
  • Picture near the door

Phatt Island wharf (Room 27)

  • Guybrush poster
  • Missing poster

Booty Island map (Room 46)

  • Ville de la Booty
  • Dred's ship
  • Big tree
  • Extra pond

Ville de la Booty (Room 47)

  • Dred's ship

Stan's place (Room 51)

  • Big changes in this room

Miguel Alves • July 9, 2003 • 4 Comments


August 4, 2003 • 5:34 GMT

How is it you can make it to where you can play the game? in the demo.

Miguel Alves

August 4, 2003 • 16:00 GMT

There's a link on the top of the article to a news item that explains how to play the MI2 demo.


August 7, 2003 • 3:52 GMT

There's a difference you have missed. The tree in Booty Island map is missing in the demo

Miguel Alves

August 7, 2003 • 10:00 GMT

I forgot about that one. Thanks!
It's on the article now.

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