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Monkey Island games review

Way back in 1990 Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island) came up with an idea for a computer game. He called it The Secret of Monkey Island. A first of 4 Brilliant Adventure Games in which you control the main character Guybrush Threepwood who wants to become a pirate.

On his adventure he meets the Governor of the Melee Island (Another Island in the Game) and falls in love with her. Little does he know an evil Ghost Pirate called LeChuck wants Governor Elaine Marley too. LeChuck manages to capture Elaine. Then Guybrush has to get a crew and a ship together and sail to Monkey Island and save Elaine.

When LucasArts realised this game it turned out a great success and a sequel had to be made, so one was. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge came out in 1992 and it was even better than the first Monkey Island Game and when they made this one they didn't make it easy. This is one of the hardest games (in hard mode) I have ever played. It is by far better than the first one (The Secret of Monkey Island) and a lot longer.

What's it all about? It's all about Guybrush growing a beard. Well, that's only part of it. The real story is about Guybrush (mighty pirate) trying to find the treasure "Big Whoop". While Guybrush looks for this treasure LeChuck who has a new Body has a plan of his own to get rid of our Hero. Even the opening to this game is funny. Before the opening credits we see Guybrush hanging from a rope with a big case in his hand. A few seconds later he's joined by Governor Elaine Marley who asks him how he got into this mess. Guybrush has no choice but to tell Elaine how it ended up to be hanging from that rope.

This is where the adventure begins. LucasArts brought out another Monkey Island Game in 1997 called The Curse of Monkey Island which also went down really well with Monkey Island fans. This is Guybrush's third adventure out of 4 (nearly 5). For some reason LucasArts gave up on Monkey Island for 4 years, but it was worth the wait because CMI was released in 1997 and it was the best game at the time.

No game matched it until MI4: Escape From Monkey Island was released in 2000. CMI had great advantages over SOMI and MI2 because it had better Graphics, Animation, Music, Sound Effects and to top it all off the characters spoke instead of you reading the text to see what they were saying. For me the only thing CMI didn't prove better in was comedy. I'm not saying it wasn't funny (It was hilarious), I'm just saying SOMI and MI2 (especially MI2) were funnier. It's a matter of opinion really. So, what's it all about? Guybrush starts of in a bumper car and floats into a battle between LeChuck and Elaine. LeChuck has a master plan; to blow down the fort walls and that would let him take control of the Island (Plunder Island). Elaine and her men are trying to do their best to stop him. Then Guybrush floats in. LeChuck sees him and locks him in one of the cannon rooms with another one of LeChucks pirates who you discover to be Wally from MI2. Just you are about to escape LeChuck brings out his Evil Cursed Flaming Voodoo Cannonball and when the boat shakes (due to you trying to escape) LeChuck drops the cannonball killing his body. Guybrush now finds himself in LeChucks treasure hold and finds a big diamond ring. When he escapes he asks Elaine to marry him. Of course she says "yes" and suddenly Wally appears and tells them it was a big CURSED diamond ring. Elaine turns into a solid gold statue and the Adventure Begins.

Then, in the year 2000, LucasArts brought out the latest addition to the Monkey Island series Escape From Monkey Island. This game is not like your normal Monkey Island Adventure Game. Sure, it's funny and adventurous but this game is in 3D and it's not point and click anymore. For this game you use the keyboard, a joypad or a joystick to play the game.

This game has new Jokes, puns, insults and its got something new - Monkey Kombat. You learn about that on Monkey Island though. This has to be the second funniest game I've ever played (MI2 being the funniest). The new insults are just part of the comedy. " Your the ugliest creature I've ever seen in my life ". REPLY = " I'm shocked you never gazed at your wife". It's comedy like this that makes Monkey Island so enjoyable to play. EFMI has two discs and between them there are five Islands. What's it all about? Guybrush and Elaine Threepwood are returning from there honeymoon when they find out that a lot of things have changed on Melee Island since they were last there (3 Games Ago).

The Governors Mansion is scheduled to be demolished, Elaine is thought to be dead, there's a new election for Governor and an Australian Land Developer called Ozzie Mandrill is trying to buy up all the land. Elaine decides to run in the election for governor but she isn't the only one running in this election, a new person in town Charles L. Charles is also trying to get the position of Governor.

Now, because of the great success of EFMI LucasArts are bringing out (probably) there last Monkey Island game. I know Monkey Island 5 will be a great game because LucasArts haven't brought out one bad Monkey Island game yet. WELL DONE LUCASARTS - WELL DONE MONKEY ISLAND, MONKEY ISLAND FOREVER!

mymipage • 10 Comments


The monkey island games ARE MY FAVORITE GAMES EVER! They are a mixture of wit, swashbuckling adventure and comedy. I found them extremely funny, AND fun to play. I use a walkthrough,It kind of ruins the games effect. BUT you do get to see more of the game. My favorite was cmi. I liked the controls and animation better. I also liked the islands alot. Monkey Island is a swashbuckling adventure RPG and a definite BUY!!!!!!!!!!


I think that MI2 was the best, It was hilarious, the music was great, and the mood for each location was great - especially Scab beach, Woodstock, Phatt city and the underground tunnels. The tennels were weird and made me uneasy, but were a great part of the game; Ron Gilbert could really make the player feel loads of emotions. MI1 was just amazingly funny too. MI3 and MI4 are great games on their own, though not quite as good when seen as sequils to the fist 2. Sometimes it appeared like they were trying too hard to be funny, but not often. However, I still think they are really good games and each deserve at least 4 stars if I had to reveiw them.


I also Love MI1, propbbably just as much as MI2, it was so fun to play, and that's what really maters. Aslo it didn't have amything to live up to. It's a great game.


Nice summary, The Monkey Island games are the best, MI2, and CMI are the best, I think EFMI put me off a little because you play it with the keyboard, being my opinion I prefer point and click adventure games...


Mymipage I hope you read this. Why don't you use Fangames anymore?

Dammit! My website's 34 letters. OoOoOo. Sorry max is bloody 31 letters.


Did I really write this 19 years ago? Lol.


Indeed! It’s hard to remember things that happened 10 years ago. Even more so things written almost 20 years in the past.

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