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New Monkey Island?

I'm a bit late but it's still worth mentioning that yesterday was the Talk Like A Pirate Day. In case you still want to learn some pirate words head over to the official website.

On a related note Craig Darrick who was responsible for bringing back the remastered versions of Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2 has also whished a Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day on Twitter and hinted that something might be happening in a month time.

It's not the first time Craig gives us some hints. A few weeks ago he also twitted that he could not share something cool but he would do so in month time. As you know Limited Run Games is launching an anthology box set in October which will include Monkey Island 1 to 4. Hopefully this is not the only thing coming. As you know Ron Gilbert is now working on a new secret adventure game and Dominic Armato has quit his job as a food critic! Could this mean a new Monkey Island game? Probably not, but we can only hope.

Miguel Alves • September 20, 2020 • 2 Comments

This would be so awesome if they were working on a new MI. Let's all Pray!

charles davis • September 28, 2020 • 19:04 GMT

Indeed, but even if it is not a Monkey Island game at least we will get a new adventure game from Ron.

Miguel Alves • September 28, 2020 • 22:11 GMT

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