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Back from the dead!

After being dead for almost 9 years The Legend of Monkey Island is back. The content is still the same but with a new design adapted to modern days. The site is now responsive and should look good on all different type of devices including mobile phones.

One of the reasons I decided to bring the site back was because I felt nostalgic during the pandemic and I had more free time as I was forced to stay home for a long time. It started with me just trying to get the old site back but it quickly escalated to a new design as I was getting more and more annoyed with the previous one. The old login credentials should still work, but I added some improved security measures. The website should also be better protected against spam using Google reCAPTCHA as this was a big problem in the past.

Special thanks to Laserschwert (Jan Bing) for providing the upscaled version of The Curse of Monkey Island backgrounds which allowed me to create the top header among other small bits of the design. In case you want to check them out you can find them here. Good stuff!

Miguel • July 22, 2020 • 2 Comments


July 24, 2020 • 4:22 GMT

Nice to see the site back online. Great job with the new design!


July 24, 2020 • 4:41 GMT

Thanks mymipage! Nice to see you around.

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