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Dark theme now available!

Since I redesigned the website more than a year ago, I wanted to add a dark theme, but I decided not to because it required too much effort. However, dark mode gained a lot of traction recently, with most Operative Systems already including it. The dark themes have a few advantages - it saves battery on OLED screens and reduce eye strain, especially if you are reading in a dark room. For those reasons, I decided to add it. You should now have an icon on the navigation bar to select between three options:

  • System - This is the default option and uses the theme based on your device settings. It will automatically switch between dark and light themes based on your OS.
  • Light - The classic theme! This option will enforce this theme even if you enable Dark Mode on your device.
  • Dark - The new darker theme. Use this option to use this theme independently of your OS settings.

Implementing the new theme was way more difficult than I anticipated and took a long time to get it right. I hope you like it! If not, you can always switch to the classic theme (light) in the navigation bar.

Miguel • December 31, 2021 • 0 Comments

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