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Eurogamer Interview and IGN Update

Another day, another Return to Monkey Island interview. This time it is Victoria Kennedy at Eurogamer who sat down with game creators, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, and art director, Rex Crowle for a more formal interview regarding the game that launches next week. The interview asks the usual questions we've seen over the last few weeks, but does cover topics such as Guybrush's relationship with Elaine in Return to Monkey Island, talk of some new characters in the game and the future of the series. There are some spoilers (so be warned if you want to know nothing in advance), but otherwise, check out the interview here.


Ron and I shut ourselves away for a month and just really honed in on three characters and three backgrounds and did a lot of iterations on those. Then we slowly started showing what we've been coming up with together to the rest of the team.


Meanwhile, over at IGN, they have added a small video with a look at the hint system that is featured in the game. Check it out here.

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