LRG updating their boxset and Ron’s livestream

When Limited Run Games announced their Monkey Island Collector's Edition boxset it received mixed feedback. The biggest complaint was the Ultimate Insult poster which people said it was too dull and also contained a few mistakes ("Badass" instead of "Bronze" and the smilie face). LRG listened to the fans and is now updating their offer to better suit the fan requests. Unfortunately this also means the pre-order date will be delayed.

Hello, Monkey Island fans!
We've listened to your feedback and are taking some time to update the Monkey Island Anthology. As such, we are shifting pre-orders from this Friday to a later date to get it just right!

On an unrelated news, don't forget that today at 8 PM UK time or 1 PM Pacific Time is taking place Ron Gilbert's livestream where the Video Game History Foundation will be deep-diving into the making of the original games, showing never-before-seen cut content, doing a live SCUMM demonstration, and more. You can still buy tickets here.

Miguel Alves • October 30, 2020 • 0 Comments

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