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Mixnmojo interview Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman

With the release date for Return to Monkey Island fast approaching more and more interviews are popping up. This time it's the turn of our friends over at The International House of Mojo. The interview by Marius and elTee is both interesting and lengthy, and in a conversation style with the two game creators. A fun read that talks about the nostalgia of the Monkey Island series, as well as the upcoming game. Give it a look here.


Ron: Yeah, I think that you say, we didn’t want it to appear like it was a special edition, you know, that it was Monkey 1 and we were just redoing the graphics. And that kind of comes from – and we touch on this in the story – is that time has moved on. Time has moved on for Guybrush, time has moved on for Mêlée, time has moved on for the pirate leaders and everyone else in the game.

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