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Nicolas Deneschau reviews Return to Monkey Island

It's been more than a decade since we posted a review of a Monkey Island game. Now that Return to Monkey Island is out, it was the right opportunity.


Nicolas Deneschau, the author of a french book called The Mysteries of Monkey Island, soon to be translated to English, was kind enough to agree and review the last Monkey Island title for us. As with most reviews, expect a few spoilers.

The almost transparent use of certain 3D elements, perfectly embedded into the classic 2D decorum, is as subtle and effective as the multiplication of additional animations which in no way affect the readability of the action. In short, Return to Monkey Island is beautiful as hell, polished like a jewel and fits perfectly into the elite of modern games without having to blush at all.

You can read the review here! Big thanks to Nicolas!

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