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Noah Falstein says RMI will be subject of PhD thesis

Laura Cress, a UK streamer, interviewed Noah Falstein last Sunday. Noah, a game designer known for creating a few LucasArts titles, managed to test an early version of Return to Monkey Island.


While most of the questions during the interview focused on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, there were also a few questions about Return to Monkey Island, including a massive compliment to the game:

There’s plenty in there to discuss for years to come. I actually had a kind of a vision as I was looking at this and thinking about some of the elements of storytelling in it, that at the Game Developers Conference every year, they now do a poster session for students who have been studying games and they will talk about a game and they, you know, analysing it and I realised what they have done with Return to Monkey Island I fully expect will be the subject of Master’s and PhD thesis in times to come.

The questions about Return to Monkey Island start around 1 hour and 24 minutes into the stream.

Miguel • June 13, 2022 • 0 Comments

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