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One year ago we returned from the dead!

It's now been one year since we were back from dead after disappearing for almost a decade. The initial plan was to only revive the website as an archive for posterity, but it soon evolved into something bigger, including redesigning the whole website. Along this year we also brought new content like the Trivia & Secrets section and kept updating the main page with Monkey Island news. We also expanded to different social media networks to keep up with the new internet trends. The idea is to use each platform for different purposes:

  • Twitter - short news updates and some fan art.
  • Instagram - updated daily with concept art, random screenshots from the games, fan art, trivia or pictures related to a news update.
  • Website - more important Monkey Island news, usually more detailed than what is posted on Twitter or Instagram.
  • YouTube - mainly used for secret & trivia videos. 

Special thanks to our patrons (Charles, Remi and João) for helping this website stay alive!

Miguel • July 23, 2021 • 0 Comments

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