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Sea of Thieves hints at a Monkey Island expansion

Rare launched this week a new expansion called "A Pirate's Life" for the game Sea of Thieves based on the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean owned by Disney. It wasn't much longer after the expansion went live that people started posting about a Monkey Island easter egg.


To get to the easter egg you need to solve a series of puzzles which you can learn by reading this small guide. Once the puzzles are solved you are allowed to explore a shipwreck called the Headless Monkey. This is of course a reference to the Mad Monkey sunken ship where Guybrush steals the monkey figurehead. While exploring the Headless Monkey a nice rendition of the Monkey Island theme plays in the background.


At the location you will be able to find 5 journals writen by Kate Capsize. One of them hints on Guybrush being already at the Sea of Thieves:

Fresh Water, by Captain Kate Capsize.

I have a ship, she has a name. I have a crew, we have a course!

The Sea of Thieves is a legendary pirate paradise, home to some of the most feared marauders to ever sail the seas - or so the stories go.


I have to assume that Threepwood somehow made it to the Sea of Thieves. And that means I must do the same.

Lastly, you will also be able to explore the inside of the ship where two Monkey Island maps are found - one from Monkey Island 2 and another with several islands from the whole Monkey Island series.

Miguel • June 25, 2021 • 0 Comments

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