Unseen MI1 & 2 content revealed

Unseen image from Monkey Island 2

Last friday took place The Secrets of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Livestream with Ron Gilbert and hosted by the Video Game History Foundation. The event managed to gather close to one thousand fans and lasted for more than 2 hours. In the livestream Frank Cifaldi interviewed Ron Gilbert, explained briefly how SCUMM worked and also revealed content from Monkey Island 1 and 2 that was never seen before like the image above.

Ron also revealed some interesting tidbits regarding Monkey Island 3a:

The third game in my head was always that Guybrush would go to hell and you know the demon pirate LeChuck would be down there and he would be doing a lot of what he would be doing in hell. That is something that Telltale had done you know with the Tales of Monkey Island game completely independent of what I was thinking.

For those that bought the ticket the video is available on YouTube on the same link as the livestream. They will also be making their findings public before the end of the year.

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