What’s inside the Monkey Island Anthology box set?

More details shared on the Monkey Island Anthology

Limited Run Games just shared more details on what's inside the Monkey Island Anthology box set. You can now see what they have included on the reverse side of each mini poster (see image above). They also shared what's included in the behind the scenes book:

  • A comprehensive oral history of the franchise, built from the conversations with 12+ MI creators
  • Multiple analyses and essays on each game by multiple game journalists and historians
  • A feature on Monkey Island's influence on game design, with testimonials by the contemporary adventure game devs
  • A visual feature on how the developers built rooms and puzzles in the SCUMM based games
  • Extensive making of images source from developers archives (notebook scans, photos, notes, etc)

In case you have not ordered it yet you can still do it here!

Miguel Alves • December 20, 2020 • 0 Comments

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