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Australian newspaper talks with Gilbert & Grossman

The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, talked with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman about Return to Monkey Island, the upcoming Monkey Island game.


Gilbert talked about pixel art and how he doesn't want to do more of the same.

Players often want ‘more of the same, but better’, and those two ideas don’t go together. The games we made back then always changed and took advantage of new players, ideas, and tech. There is no reason to stop that now.

Grossman also discussed how they approached the game and nostalgia.

There is always a desire to return to some rosy or exciting past, and we rarely find it right where we left it. It’s always shifting and changing, never quite what we thought we remembered. Or what we imagined

Head over to their website to read their article.

Miguel • May 8, 2022 • 0 Comments

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