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RtMI will world premiere on Gamescom Opening Night Live

Gamescom will open with the Opening Night Live stream on August 23 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm BST. The show will run for approximately two hours and feature already announced games and brand new reveals.


Geoff Keighly, the event host, announced today on Twitter that the live stream will be showing Return to Monkey Island during this event. It's still uncertain what will be revealed, but hopefully, a new trailer and a release date.


Update: Geoff has confirmed on Twitch that Opening Night Live will present a new Return to Monkey Island trailer.

Price of Return to Monkey Island revealed

The price of Return to Monkey Island is already showing up on the Nintendo eShop, although only appearing when searching for the game. The game will cost $24.99, which will most likely translate to £22.49 or 24.99 €.

Monkey Island Monday is back

Ron Gilbert just shared another video on Twitter of Return to Monkey Island. The new video shows LeChuck talking to his crew. Ron also confirmed that Jess Harnell is now performing LeChuck's voice.

Monday means more content of Return to Monkey Island

More content of Return to Monkey Island was revealed today as part of the Monkey Island Mondays. The video shared today by Dave Grossman shows Guybrush and two former Important Looking Pirates inflating and inhaling a fish. Maybe a burping contest?

New in-game video revealed

Video of Guybrush exploring Brrr Muda Island

Another in-game video was shared today as part of the Monkey Island Monday event. Today, Ron Gilbert shared a longer video with 43 seconds which shows Guybrush exploring Brrr Muda Island. The video also shows the interface to choose between different dialogue options.

Mêlée Island docks revealed

Dave Grossman posted on Twitter a short video of Guybrush walking on Mêlée Island docks. This reveal is part of the Monkey Island Monday event, so expect more content shown on future Mondays.

Dominic Armato and CMI project leaders get interviewed

I am a bit late on posting about these interviews, but it's still worth mentioning both.


Laura Cress, also known as Cressup on YouTube and Twitch, had a chat with Dominic Armato, the voice of Guybrush. The interview is 1 hour and 20 minutes, but still worth watching to the end. They touch on different topics, but the most interesting to hear was how Dominic got told over a coffee with Ron Gilbert about the new Monkey Island game he was working on. You can watch it on YouTube or Twitch.


The International House of Mojo has interviewed The Curse of Monkey Island project leaders - Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern. The interview focuses heavily on The Curse of Monkey Island and its development. Worth a read!

MP3 Music section gets a big update

The Download MP3 Music section got a significant update. All music files now have consistent filenames and include metadata with track number, description, artist, album and year. The compression was also increased to 192kbps in most cases.


The following albums were added as well:

Finally, the section was split into a page for each title to make it easier to find music as the page was getting too long.