ScummVM savegames now available!

Modern computers made it more difficult to run old games like Monkey Island. Luckily we have ScummVM that allows us to run these games, not only on modern computers, but also on all kind of devices from your phone to your console. ScummVM became even more relevant to the Monkey Island world when ScummVM added Escape from Monkey Island (available in daily builds for now). 

For all these reasons we have now included a ScummVM version to all our saved games. Each ZIP file now includes two folders, one for the original game and the other for the ScummVM version.

New interview with Ron Gilbert

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment has published a new podcast where they interview Ron Gilbert. The interview focus mostly on the developing process of SCUMM games. Monkey Island is referenced a few times and Ron Gilbert also makes a brief comment about his new game.

“When we did Monkey Island 2, you know, Peter Chan and Steve Purcell they did all those background on paper and then they were scanned in on a scanner and then we used literally Photoshop 1.0 to take those in and to massage them but they all had to still work on VGA graphics so we did a lot of work there (...).”

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Polygon reveals why the Monkey Island movie was cancelled

Why was the Monkey Island movie cancelled?

It is quite well known that at some point in time there were plans for a Monkey Island movie called The Curse of Monkey Island. Several concept art images were even reveled and added as a bonus feature to the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition.

The website Polygon has published an article where it reveals how it all happened and why this movie was cancelled.

"[We] flew down to Amblin with Patty Blau and we met with Steven [Spielberg],” says Carson. “The first thing he said to me was, ‘I told George [Lucas] years ago that he should make Monkey Island into a film,’ so I knew I had a pretty easy pitch ahead of me."

The article is really worth reading as it contains important details never disclosed about a movie that never saw the light of day.

Trivia & Secrets from Escape from Monkey Island

Trivia & Secrets from Escape from Monkey Island

Another week, another game added to the Trivia & Secrets section. We have now added Escape from Monkey Island and as always each entry is documented with a video and a description. The videos are all added to our YouTube channel as well so be sure to subscribe.

Waste no time and check out all the secrets from Escape from Monkey Island.

Screenshots from Tales of Monkey Island now available

This is long overdue as when I added content from Tales of Monkey Island back in August last year the screenshots were missing. This gap has now been closed with 102 screenshots from Tales of Monkey Island. You can check the screnshots here.

Tales of Monkey Island Trivia & Secrets

Tales of Monkey Island Trivia & Secrets

A week ago we added the Trivia & Secrets section to our website, but only with content from The Curse of Monkey Island. We have now added another game - Tales of Monkey Island. The other Monkey Island games will come soon.

As mentioned last week, all videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to it in case you haven't already.