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Ron Gilbert interviewed by onaretrotip

The Youtuber onaretrotip that recently produced a 80 minutes long documentary on Monkey Island has published a very interesting interview with Ron Gilbert. The video (audio only) is part of one of several interviews that he used for creating his documentary. I was actually just playing Monkey Island yesterday. I think any time I start up a new adventure game I always go back and I play Monkey Island and I just kind of want to get my head back in that state even though the game has nothing to do with Monkey Island. It's a new adventure game and I want to kind of go back.

Kotaku reviews MI1 through Ron’s early design philosophies

Kotaku has posted a video where they have a look at The Secret of Monkey Island through the lens of Gilbert’s design philosophies. These rules were part of an article Ron Gilbert wrote before he released the first Monkey Island. The piece was titled “Why Adventure Games Suck” and described some basic rules game designers could follow to make their adventure games better. In this video we’ll take a look at The Secret of Monkey Island through the lens of Gilbert’s design philosophies during the late 1980s. It’s worth noting that these rules were put on paper 30 years ago; as expected, Gilbert’s ideas have evolved since then. You can watch the video here!

Wireframe article + Bill Tiller's HD Barber Shop

The Wireframe article on Monkey Island that was published on their magazine to celebrate the Monkey Island 30th anniversary is now available online.

The author of the piece also published on his Twitter account the HD version of the Barber Shop that Bill Tiller shared with him. Apparently, Bill also shared two versions of the remake - a dark version (first image) and light one (second image). Click on the images above to get the full resolution.

Which version do you like best? Personally, I prefer the dark as it more closely resembles the orginal.

LRG announces the Monkey Island boxset

Limited Run Games has just announced the Monkey Island Anthology boxset for PC. The biggest surprise is that it now contains all 5 games including Tales of Monkey Island which was not part of the first announcement. Announcing the boxset of every mighty pirate's dreams: the Monkey Island Anthology for PC! Including all five games in the Monkey Island series and many beautiful works of Guybrush art, this anthology sets sail on Friday, October 30th. More details later this month! The boxset also includes several goodies like the famous disk 22 from MI1 stump joke and a Guybrush resine statue. It will go on sale for $155.99 on October 30th.

Livestream and unseen content from Monkey Island 1

The Video Game History Foundation is hosting a live stream event with Ron Gilbert on October 30th from 8 PM to 9:30 PM (WET or UK time). On this event they will reveal never-before-seen content that survived in the game's source files such as the one featured above. Join us for an incredible afternoon of stories and secrets in the-making-of two classics: The Secret of Monkey Island, and The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. The livestream event will feature:

  • Fireside chat with Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert
  • Never-before-seen content, including deleted scenes and unused art
  • Stories from the game's development
  • Audience Q&A

For more details or to buy the ticket go here.

More Monkey Island articles and GOG discount

October doesn't stop surprsing us with new articles on The Secret of Monkey Island. This time it's from a famous Argentinian news paper called La Nación. The article is in Spanish but you can read the English translation by Google here.

GOG.com also published an article where they talk about the history of the Monkey Island games. Ron Gilbert can rightfully be considered one of the pioneers of the video game industry. From a very young age, he was interested in programming, having first tested his skills on his parents’ NorthStar Horizon home computer. In addition they're also making a discount on point & click adventure games including Monkey Island. You can buy them here in case you don't own them already.

The Secret of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary documentary

A YouTuber called onaretrotip has published a 1 hour and 20 minutes long video to celebrate the Monkey Island 30th anniversary describing the making of process of The Secret of Monkey Island. The video also includes explanations from several game developers that helped creating the game like Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman, Mark Ferrari and Steve Purcell.

Monkey Island 30th anniversary celebrations continue

The celebrations for Monkey Island 30th anniversary continue with two more articles. One is from the LADbible and talks about what makes The Secret of Monkey Island so interesting. But what I think I love the most about this game, as small as it actually is, is the freedom it offers. The first act's setting, Mêlée Island, feels wonderfully open. You can read the article here

The other article is from Der Spiegel a German news website. You can read the original article here. For those that don't understand German you can read the Google translation here.