Monkey Island Anthology is back!

Updated Monkey Island Anthology boxset

The Monkey Island Anthology boxset has finally been updated by Limited Run Games. This update comes after the previous boxset suffered a lot of backlash as it was not up to the standards expected by the fans. However, the upgrade comes at a price - the collection now costs $174.99 instead of the previous $159.99. None the less, there are big improvements and the boxset now includes, among other things, the code wheels from the first two games and posters from all Monkey Island games box arts.

It's back, and it's better than ever! Our physical Monkey Island Anthology for PC includes all five games in the Monkey Island series and a variety of goodies that span the franchise. This anthology sets sail on Friday, December 4th at 10am ET!

The open pre-order will be available from December 4th at 10am ET (3pm GMT or UK time) till January 31st on this page.

Content from Monkey Island 30th Anniversary livestream published

Unseen trail leading to Cannibals Village

The Video Game History Foundation has published an article with all unseen content shared during The Secrets of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary livestream with Ron Gilbert. The article also includes a lot more content that wasn't shared before. Some scenes that never made it to the final game can now be seen in videos, before/after pictures and animated GIFs.

In an early version of the game, Guybrush would witness a handful of Monkey Island’s cannibals opening the monkey head, giving the player a clear view of how they would have to eventually get in.

Definitely worth checking out! You can read the whole piece here.

Update: The article is back online with a lot of new content! it was previously taken down after being accidently published before it was finished.

Lemonade stand from Monkey Island 3 in 3D

3D lemonade stand from The Curse of Monkey Island made by a fan

I usually don't post news about fan art but this one definitely caught my eye. A fan called Rafael Chies has created Kenny's lemonade stand from The Curse of Monkey Island in 3D using Maya and Zbrush.

This is not the first time the artist created Monkey Island fan art. Four years ago he also created Blondebeard's chicken shoppe in 3D also from The Curse of Monkey Island.

You can check the lemonade stand in full detail here and all his amazing art work here.

Monkey Island 2 back cover and MI posters

Back cover of the Taiwanese instructions manual from MI2

Laserschwert has been running a very interesting thread on the The Internal House of Mojo forums where he has posters from all Monkey Island games. The posters are based on scans from the boxes or official posters and are very high resolution. The images have even been used on commercial products like the The Secret of Monkey Island Premium Edition from Limited Run Games. They are also going to be used on the upcoming Monkey Island Anthology boxset which should be announced soon.

Recently, Laserschwert also added a piece of art from LeChuck's Revenge: Monkey Island 2 which is featured on the box back cover. This cover art is usually overlaid by text. However, he managed to get a scan from the Taiwanese instructions manual which doesn't have any text covering it and allows to see the whole art in all its glory.

Be sure to check out the whole thread here!

Update: corrected the information regarding the scan source. Thanks to Walter Vonder for providing the correct source in the comments.

Unseen MI1 & 2 content revealed

Unseen image from Monkey Island 2

Last friday took place The Secrets of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Livestream with Ron Gilbert and hosted by the Video Game History Foundation. The event managed to gather close to one thousand fans and lasted for more than 2 hours. In the livestream Frank Cifaldi interviewed Ron Gilbert, explained briefly how SCUMM worked and also revealed content from Monkey Island 1 and 2 that was never seen before like the image above.

Ron also revealed some interesting tidbits regarding Monkey Island 3a:

The third game in my head was always that Guybrush would go to hell and you know the demon pirate LeChuck would be down there and he would be doing a lot of what he would be doing in hell. That is something that Telltale had done you know with the Tales of Monkey Island game completely independent of what I was thinking.

For those that bought the ticket the video is available on YouTube on the same link as the livestream. They will also be making their findings public before the end of the year.

LRG updating their boxset and Ron’s livestream

When Limited Run Games announced their Monkey Island Collector's Edition boxset it received mixed feedback. The biggest complaint was the Ultimate Insult poster which people said it was too dull and also contained a few mistakes ("Badass" instead of "Bronze" and the smilie face). LRG listened to the fans and is now updating their offer to better suit the fan requests. Unfortunately this also means the pre-order date will be delayed.

Hello, Monkey Island fans!
We've listened to your feedback and are taking some time to update the Monkey Island Anthology. As such, we are shifting pre-orders from this Friday to a later date to get it just right!

On an unrelated news, don't forget that today at 8 PM UK time or 1 PM Pacific Time is taking place Ron Gilbert's livestream where the Video Game History Foundation will be deep-diving into the making of the original games, showing never-before-seen cut content, doing a live SCUMM demonstration, and more. You can still buy tickets here.

Ron Gilbert interviewed by onaretrotip

The Youtuber onaretrotip that recently produced a 80 minutes long documentary on Monkey Island has published a very interesting interview with Ron Gilbert. The video (audio only) is part of one of several interviews that he used for creating his documentary.

I was actually just playing Monkey Island yesterday. I think any time I start up a new adventure game I always go back and I play Monkey Island and I just kind of want to get my head back in that state even though the game has nothing to do with Monkey Island. It's a new adventure game and I want to kind of go back.

Kotaku reviews MI1 through Ron’s early design philosophies

Kotaku has posted a video where they have a look at The Secret of Monkey Island through the lens of Gilbert’s design philosophies. These rules were part of an article Ron Gilbert wrote before he released the first Monkey Island. The piece was titled “Why Adventure Games Suck” and described some basic rules game designers could follow to make their adventure games better.

In this video we’ll take a look at The Secret of Monkey Island through the lens of Gilbert’s design philosophies during the late 1980s. It’s worth noting that these rules were put on paper 30 years ago; as expected, Gilbert’s ideas have evolved since then.

You can watch the video here!