Monkey Island 1 cover art restoration improved

The Secret of Monkey Island restored cover art

Laserschwert did it again and has now improved The Secret of Monkey Island cover art restoration. Using better sources, he managed to capture a lot more details and show more of the art that was previously cropped or hidden by the box frame. This also unveiled something that was not so obvious which are the crossbones behind the skull. If you want to know more info about the restoration process, you can read it all in the House of Mojo forum thread.


This poster and other LucasArts posters are available to download here.

One year ago we returned from the dead!

It's now been one year since we were back from dead after disappearing for almost a decade. The initial plan was to only revive the website as an archive for posterity, but it soon evolved into something bigger, including redesigning the whole website. Along this year we also brought new content like the Trivia & Secrets section and kept updating the main page with Monkey Island news. We also expanded to different social media networks to keep up with the new internet trends. The idea is to use each platform for different purposes:

  • Twitter - short news updates and some fan art.
  • Instagram - updated daily with concept art, random screenshots from the games, fan art, trivia or pictures related to a news update.
  • Website - more important Monkey Island news, usually more detailed than what is posted on Twitter or Instagram.
  • YouTube - mainly used for secret & trivia videos. 

Special thanks to our patrons (Charles, Remi and João) for helping this website stay alive!

We are now on Instagram!

We have now expanded our social network presense to Instagram. Up until now we were only on Twitter and YouTube, but considering how much more people we can reach there we decided to give it a go. The plan is to post daily pictures at the same time every day. Expect a random picture based on something interesting happening on the Monkey Island world like a fan project or just a random picture of any of the Monkey Island games at 1pm BST (UK time) or 8am EST or 5am PT.


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Escape from Monkey Island Sounds added

The Download Sounds section has finally been updated and now also contains sounds from Escape from Monkey Island. For a long time the section only had sounds from The Curse of Monkey Island. You can finally download your favourite lines from different Escape form Monkey Island characters.

Monkey Island 1: Special Edition is free with Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is offering The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for free to Amazon Prime members during the month of July. The game is available for Windows PC only.

Relive the swashbuckling humorous misadventures of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood! From re-imagined art to new game features, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is now available on @Primegaming!

Other classic adventure games will also be offered in the coming months. August will bring Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and September's offering is Sam & Max: Hit The Road.

Sea of Thieves hints at a Monkey Island expansion

Rare launched this week a new expansion called "A Pirate's Life" for the game Sea of Thieves based on the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean owned by Disney. It wasn't much longer after the expansion went live that people started posting about a Monkey Island easter egg.


To get to the easter egg you need to solve a series of puzzles which you can learn by reading this small guide. Once the puzzles are solved you are allowed to explore a shipwreck called the Headless Monkey. This is of course a reference to the Mad Monkey sunken ship where Guybrush steals the monkey figurehead. While exploring the Headless Monkey a nice rendition of the Monkey Island theme plays in the background.


At the location you will be able to find 5 journals writen by Kate Capsize. One of them hints on Guybrush being already at the Sea of Thieves:

Fresh Water, by Captain Kate Capsize.

I have a ship, she has a name. I have a crew, we have a course!

The Sea of Thieves is a legendary pirate paradise, home to some of the most feared marauders to ever sail the seas - or so the stories go.


I have to assume that Threepwood somehow made it to the Sea of Thieves. And that means I must do the same.

Lastly, you will also be able to explore the inside of the ship where two Monkey Island maps are found - one from Monkey Island 2 and another with several islands from the whole Monkey Island series.

IGN proposes Monkey Island to Disney

Disney Games has recently adopted a new gaming philosophy which allows indie game developers to use Disney's intellectual property as reported by IGN in this piece published a few days ago.

"An indie storyteller, a creative could work on another property within the Disney and Pixar collection of IP in a different way," Priore said. "Those smaller indie kind of experiences that are more personal... I think those are opportunities too."

They also interviewed Luigi Priore, VP of Disney & Pixar Games and Sean Shoptaw, SVP of Walt Disney Games in a more recent article where they spoke about the new game philosophy and the recently announced Pirates of the Caribbean expansion for the game Sea of Thieves by Rare. During the interview IGN pitched the idea of a Monkey Island expansion to Rare's game which Sean seemed open to the suggestion and mentioned how big Monkey Island fan he is:

“We don't want to speak for Rare,” says Shoptaw, “but I will say I'm a huge Monkey Island fan as well. So I like where your imagination has gone. Generally speaking, yeah, look, I think that that's exactly the point: we want creative ideas. We want to think about things that maybe haven't been thought of before. At least ask the question, right? We can always say no.

You can read the whole IGN article here.

Monkey Island Anthology deliveries delayed

The Monkey Island Anthology boxset from Limited Run Games that was available early this year has now been delayed from Q2 2021 to Q4 2021. If you managed to pre-order it don't expect it to arrive anytime soon.


The boxset includes a behind the scenes book with more than 160 pages, the code wheels from Monkey Island 1 and 2, a disk 22 floppy diskette, a resin Murray candle holder, enamel pins and much more. The pre-orders were available from December 4th, 2020 to January 31 st, 2021. If you missed it your only chance now is buying it on eBay or a similar site once it gets delivered, but expect a hefty price tag.


Update (June 9, 2021): Limited Run Games just sent an e-mail with the production status. According to them all items are now completed except two:

"All we’re waiting on now is final approval for the completed 160+ page anniversary book and the hand-signed certificate of authenticity by series creator Ron Gilbert. That’s right, hand-signed! There are roughly 10,000 of these for Ron to sign. That’s a lot of certificates to get through for one person, so we’re sending Ron our energy!"

Looks like Ron has a lot of signing to do!