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Monkey Island 2 voice-over prototype and interviews

The International House of Mojo just published a playable Monkey Island 2 prototype. This was a proof-of-concept used in 1992 that allowed them to see how well the voice-over technology worked back in the day. In addition they also interviewed Aric Wilmunder who was a programmer in Monkey Island 1 and 2 and Khris Brown who was the LucasArts casting director. Both were responsible or connected to this POC.

Head over to The International House of Mojo to read the article and download the demo.

MI5 back on sale, Monkey Island Anthology and more

Similarly to what our friends at The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar did I'll do a quick summary of what happened in the Monkey Island world in the past month or so.

The Tales of Monkey Island is finally back on sale after being unavailable for a couple of years. The game was removed from the online stores after TellTale Games let go 90% of their work force in 2018. After LCG Entertainment bought them they managed to relaunch some titles. You can now find Tales of Monkey Island on GOG.com and on Steam.

Limited Run is helping us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Monkey Island series by launching an anthology box set which will include Monkey Island 1 to 4. The planned release date is set for October. For more details you can check their Twitter account.

A spanish designer duo has been remaking a few scenes from Monkey Island 1 and 2 in the style of The Curse of Monkey Island. They also re-did one scene from Monkey Island 3 in 4K. You can check their YouTube channel here.

Back from the dead!

After being dead for almost 9 years The Legend of Monkey Island is back. The content is still the same but with a new design adapted to modern days. The site is now responsive and should look good on all different type of devices including mobile phones.

One of the reasons I decided to bring the site back was because I felt nostalgic during the pandemic and I had more free time as I was forced to stay home for a long time. It started with me just trying to get the old site back but it quickly escalated to a new design as I was getting more and more annoyed with the previous one. The old login credentials should still work, but I added some improved security measures. The website should also be better protected against spam using Google reCAPTCHA as this was a big problem in the past.

Special thanks to Laserschwert (Jan Bing) for providing the upscaled version of The Curse of Monkey Island backgrounds which allowed me to create the top header among other small bits of the design. In case you want to check them out you can find them here. Good stuff!

Happy Christmas 2011

It's the day before Christmas eve and I thought it would be nice to come to MI Legend and wish all our old Monkey Island friends a very happy Christmas.

I hope everyone has a very pleasant and safe holiday :)

Top 5 Best Moments in Monkey Island 1 & 2

Lise Foiles, a writer for Kotaku, just sent us the word that her episode today on The Escapist is the "Top 5 Best Moments in Monkey Island 1 & 2". Check it out here!

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Announced

I know we haven't exactly been overly on point with our updates lately, but that's only because we're saving our energy for the big news. And the official announcement of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition seems just big enough. Those of you who have played the first re-installment know exactly what to look forward to: Improved graphics, completly re-mastered soundtrack, voice-overs by the original cast and a lot more. Looks like 2010 will have another summer of monkeys.

Check out the official web-site!

Alternative Route in Tales

According the the good guys at The International House of Mojo and the video below, it is altually possible to gather all 100,000 grubs for De Cava in Lair of the Leviathan and escape that way. Wow!

Lair of the Leviathan review

mymipage has just reviewed the third episode of Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan. As always, the article is full of spoilers.
This took me the longest to finish of the three games so far, despite the easy puzzles. Just when you think itís all over and that the game isnít long enough, youíre outside on your ship solving more puzzles with more areas to cover.Click here to read the full review.

Update by mymipage: The game has now been released so head over to Telltale's website and start downloading!!

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