LucasFilm Games resurrected

LucasFilm Games resurrected

Lucasfilm has brought back the old LucasFilm Games brand. Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm. As many of you remember this was the name of The Secret of Monkey Island developer which was later rebranded to LucasArts in the 1990s.

The announcement came directly from their official website:

Lucasfilm's legacy in gaming stretches back decades. And with Lucasfilm and the galaxy far, far away entering a new and unprecedented phase of creativity, so will the world of Lucasfilm Games — developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry.

They also announced the launch of their social channels on Twitter and Facebook.

Does this mean we can expect a new Monkey Island game in the future? Not necessarily, but it could mean they are more open to license and explore non-Star Wars games.

Map illustrations from MI2 hint book

Dinky Tunnels map

Another interesting post from the House of Mojo forums. Remi uploaded a few maps featured in the Monkey Island 2 hint book he has been cleaning up. I had not seen them before so this is probably not available in all MI2 versions.

The most interesting map is the one from the Dinky tunnels where you can see an additional room filled with treasures near where Guybrush falls down. You can also find three additional maps from Scabb, Booty and Phatt which will be featured on the Monkey Island Anthology box set. You can check all the maps here!

What’s inside the Monkey Island Anthology box set?

More details shared on the Monkey Island Anthology

Limited Run Games just shared more details on what's inside the Monkey Island Anthology box set. You can now see what they have included on the reverse side of each mini poster (see image above). They also shared what's included in the behind the scenes book:

  • A comprehensive oral history of the franchise, built from the conversations with 12+ MI creators
  • Multiple analyses and essays on each game by multiple game journalists and historians
  • A feature on Monkey Island's influence on game design, with testimonials by the contemporary adventure game devs
  • A visual feature on how the developers built rooms and puzzles in the SCUMM based games
  • Extensive making of images source from developers archives (notebook scans, photos, notes, etc)

In case you have not ordered it yet you can still do it here!

Escape from Monkey Island MP3s finally added

Escape from Monkey island MP3s added

Even though Escape from Monkey Island is considered by the fans one of the least favourite games from the Monkey Island series it still had great music. I am glad to say we have finally added all the music from this game to our Downloads section. Better later than never!

The MP3s were taken directly from the game using the EMI Song Ripper created by Remi! You can download or listen to it here!

Retronauts discusses Escape from Monkey Island

Retronauts discuss Escape from Monkey Island

The Retronauts has released a podcast episode where Bob Mackey and Nina Matsumoto (Thimbleweed Park cover artist and designer at Fangamer) have a chat about the unloved entry in the Monkey Island series - Escape from Monkey Island.

This is not, however, their first podcast about Monkey Island. In previous series they already covered The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge and The Curse of Monkey Island. Even if podcasts are not your thing you should still check out the cover art they created for each episode.

Pre-orders now open for the Monkey Island Anthology box set

The pre-order for The Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology Collector's Edition from Limited Run Games is now open. It will remain open until the end of January and there is no purchase limit. The box set is selling for $174.99 (USD) and contains the following:

  • "Certificate of Arrr!thenticity" (hand-signed by Ron Gilbert!)
  • Disk 22 Floppy Diskette
  • BIG WHOOP Amusement Park "E" Ticket
  • "ASK ME ABOUT LOOM" Button
  • Shadowbox
  • 6" GUYBRUSH Resin Statue
  • Code Wheels
  • Enamel Pin Set
  • Resin Murray Candle Holder
  • Behind-The-Scenes 160+ Page Anniversary Book
  • 5 Reversible 8 x 10 inch Mini-Posters
  • 4-Disc DVD-ROM Collection containing all five games
  • USB with all 5 games!

Pre-order it now!

Monkey Island Anthology is back!

Updated Monkey Island Anthology boxset

The Monkey Island Anthology boxset has finally been updated by Limited Run Games. This update comes after the previous boxset suffered a lot of backlash as it was not up to the standards expected by the fans. However, the upgrade comes at a price - the collection now costs $174.99 instead of the previous $159.99. None the less, there are big improvements and the boxset now includes, among other things, the code wheels from the first two games and posters from all Monkey Island games box arts.

It's back, and it's better than ever! Our physical Monkey Island Anthology for PC includes all five games in the Monkey Island series and a variety of goodies that span the franchise. This anthology sets sail on Friday, December 4th at 10am ET!

The open pre-order will be available from December 4th at 10am ET (3pm GMT or UK time) till January 31st on this page.

Content from Monkey Island 30th Anniversary livestream published

Unseen trail leading to Cannibals Village

The Video Game History Foundation has published an article with all unseen content shared during The Secrets of Monkey Island 30th Anniversary livestream with Ron Gilbert. The article also includes a lot more content that wasn't shared before. Some scenes that never made it to the final game can now be seen in videos, before/after pictures and animated GIFs.

In an early version of the game, Guybrush would witness a handful of Monkey Island’s cannibals opening the monkey head, giving the player a clear view of how they would have to eventually get in.

Definitely worth checking out! You can read the whole piece here.

Update: The article is back online with a lot of new content! it was previously taken down after being accidently published before it was finished.