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New Concept Art Collection: Return to Monkey Island

We are thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the Monkey Island concept art gallery: Return to Monkey Island! This new section showcases a captivating collection of 95 concept art images, providing fans with a deeper glimpse into the creative process behind this game.


As with our previous collections, we’ve tried to credit the talented artists behind these images, whenever possible.


We’re committed to expanding our concept art collection even further. In the near future, we’ll be introducing artwork from other titles in the Monkey Island series.

Paco Vink’s comic is back!

Remember the delightful comic of The Secret of Monkey Island done by Paco Vink? Well, it’s back! And this time, it’s in higher resolution. Dive into the world of The Secret of Monkey Island, reimagined in the style of The Curse of Monkey Island.


The comic was previously hosted by The World of Monkey Island, a fantastic website that is no longer available. Paco kindly shared it with us, with Ken “Dalixam” Christensen, the webmaster of The World of Monkey Island, giving approval.


We’re not stopping at just one comic. Another one is coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

Escape from Monkey Island Concept Art

We have expanded our concept art section with a new collection from Escape from Monkey Island.


The latest compilation features 72 concept art images. While we strive to provide as much information as possible, please note that some images are currently without artist attribution. We are working to identify and credit all creators involved.


Stay tuned as we plan to introduce more artwork from different titles in the Monkey Island series in the near future.

Behind the Brushstrokes: Explore the CMI Concept Art!

We are excited to announce a new section featuring concept art from the Monkey Island games. Currently, it showcases concept art exclusively from The Curse of Monkey Island. Artwork from other games in the series will be progressively added over the coming weeks.


The collection comprises 60 images, each meticulously labeled with the name of the artist and the source of the image. For the first time, we are presenting some line drawings that have never been publicly displayed before. Wherever possible, a description is also provided, offering insight into the concept art’s context. 


Our profound thanks go to Bill Tiller for generously sharing the majority of these images, crediting the artists, and detailing the stories behind each piece. We encourage you to explore his point-and-click adventure games on Steam, which include A Vampyre Story, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, and Duke Grabowski, Mighty Pirate.

Returning to Monkey Island: Noclip’s Documentary

Noclip, a YouTube channel specializing in crowdfunded video game documentaries, recently unveiled a new video titled “Returning to Monkey Island.” This 90-minute documentary offers an insider’s view of the Return to Monkey Island’s revival, exploring its origins, impact, nostalgia, and audience anticipation. Notably, it features interviews with key developers, including Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. Dive into the magic of Monkey Island through this captivating documentary!

Achievements Guide for Return to Monkey Island

We are excited to announce that we have just published a complete guide on how to obtain all the achievements in Return to Monkey Island. The guide features not only in-depth explanations for each achievement but also video guides that show you how to accomplish them. Check out the guide now and enjoy the ultimate Monkey Island experience!

Fan makes a LEGO set of the Giant Monkey Head

A Monkey Island fan made a proposal on LEGO Ideas, a platform where fans can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. The proposal in question is for a LEGO set based on the Giant Monkey Head from The Secret of Monkey Island. The set even features a working mechanism: the key (Q-tip) to the Giant Monkey Head can actually fit inside the ear to open the mouth.


As of now, the proposal has 649 supporters and needs 10,000 supporters to be reviewed by LEGO experts and possibly become an official LEGO product.


It’s great to see fans coming up with creative ideas for new LEGO sets! If you’re interested in supporting this proposal, you can do so by visiting the proposal page and clicking the “Support” button.

Exploring Monkey Island's towns

Discover the captivating towns that breathe life into the world of Monkey Island. Konstantinos's article delves into the Monkey Island settlements, exploring how they drive storytelling and gameplay, spanning across different game editions.

The Secret of Monkey Island starts right outside the town of Mêlée Island, and quickly introduces players to a fantasy world of voodoo, monkeys, pirates, undead, and undead pirates — all clustered in and around Mêlée Town. It’s a fully realised place, given life through the EGA pixel art of Mark Ferrari

It even includes insights from the development teams.