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Screenshots from Return to Monkey Island added

The screenshots section of Return to Monkey Island has been updated and now has 84 screenshots across all different parts of the game. Up to now, the page only included the official screenshots shared by the developers.


With this addition, we are getting close to fully covering Return to Monkey Island. Check out other recently added sections in case you missed them:

Expect sounds and animated gifs soon.

RtMI listed in the top 15 PC games of 2022

Rock Paper Shotgun has created a list of the 15 best PC games to play in 2022, and Return to Monkey Island was part of it.

Return To Monkey Island treads the line between nostalgia for die-hard fans, and welcoming in new players. The fresh new art style is expressive and suggets a kids' story book, and the controls are streamlined and easy to get the hang of. Combined with a robust hint system and a couple of difficulty levels, it's the perfect game to dip your toe in the genre.

Check out everything they had to say about Return to Monkey Island and all the top 15 games.

Return to Monkey Island wins PC Game of the Year

Return to Monkey Island won the PC Game of the Year award at the Golden Joystick Awards. The award was announced today, and the judging panel was led by GamesRadar, PC Gamer, Edge magazine and other Future PLC brands.


The list of nominees was the following:

  • Neon White
  • Return to Monkey Island
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker
  • Teardown
  • Total War: Warhammer 3
  • Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

Big congratulations to the development team, Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games.

RtMI music now available for download!

The music from Return to Monkey Island is now available for download on our MP3 Music section. There is a total of 81 tracks that you can download together as one zipped file or download them individually. For some songs, like LeShip and Monkey Island, where several variations exist, a suite was created with all of the songs mixed.

Return to Monkey Island coming to PS5 and Xbox

After being released on Steam (PC, macOS and Linux) and Nintendo Switch, Return to Monkey Island is finally coming to the PlayStation and Xbox.


The newest entry in the Monkey Island series will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X on November 8. It will also be part of the Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Return to Monkey Island gets a native Linux build

Return to Monkey Island has been available on Steam for macOS and Windows since September 19th. Those with a Linux OS had to resort to Proton to run the game. However, this is no longer the case, as Stan just announced a native Linux build:

Thanks to you, loyal customers, Return to Monkey Island is now the fastest-selling Monkey Island game EVER! At least, I think so. My sales data is a little "fuzzy." But let's go with it!


Coinciding with this news, the ol' team at Terrible Toybox launched a brand new build delivering the much anticipated native Linux build.


Catch ya later. Enjoy.

The whole announcement can be read on Steam.

Characters section of Return to Monkey Island now available!

I finally added a section with all characters of Return to Monkey Island. The page includes 41 of them, including different costumes/variants for a few characters.


Over the coming weeks, expect more content from Return to Monkey Island to be added to the website.


Spoilers warning: if you haven't finished the game don't open the page.

Return to Monkey Island saved games now available

You can now download saved games of Return to Monkey Island. The saves will allow you to start playing at the beginning of one of the five parts of the game. Available for both Casual Mode and Hard mode.


To load the saved games, download the appropriate ZIP file, extract them to the saved games folder and run the game. Make sure you move the original saved games out before replacing them to avoid losing your old saves.