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Dark theme now available!

Since I redesigned the website more than a year ago, I wanted to add a dark theme, but I decided not to because it required too much effort. However, dark mode gained a lot of traction recently, with most Operative Systems already including it. The dark themes have a few advantages - it saves battery on OLED screens and reduce eye strain, especially if you are reading in a dark room. For those reasons, I decided to add it. You should now have an icon on the navigation bar to select between three options:

  • System - This is the default option and uses the theme based on your device settings. It will automatically switch between dark and light themes based on your OS.
  • Light - The classic theme! This option will enforce this theme even if you enable Dark Mode on your device.
  • Dark - The new darker theme. Use this option to use this theme independently of your OS settings.

Implementing the new theme was way more difficult than I anticipated and took a long time to get it right. I hope you like it! If not, you can always switch to the classic theme (light) in the navigation bar.

Screenshots section now includes multiple releases!

After adding characters and islands from multiple releases I finally did the same to the

Screenshots section. This section now includes screenshots from the EGA, VGA and Special Edition versions of The Secret of Monkey Island. As for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge it now covers the VGA and Special Edition releases. The screenshots from each title should be similar across each release to allow you to compare them between each version.

Monkey Island Anthology update!

Monkey Island Anthology shipping soon

Limited Run Games just posted on Twitter an update regarding The Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology

ARRR! you ready for a shipping update? The Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology is on deck to leave our warehouse! Keep an "aye" on your doorstep for this glorious Collector's Edition.

If you ordered this box set keep an eye on the LRG account page as it should be shipping soon, if not already. A few people on Twitter and Discord are already claiming that their order status had already changed to shipped.

Islands section also got updated!

As promised in my previous post, the Islands section now also supports multiple releases for both Monkey Island 1 and 2.


The Secret Monkey Island section now has three versions you can choose from - EGA, VGA or Special Edition. A big thanks to The Video Game History Foundation for providing the restoration of the Monkey Island overview map (EGA version) by recovering some missing pieces. Make sure you read their amazing article on Monkey Island in case you haven't yet. The VGA version of the Monkey Island map was manually restored using the EGA version as a reference. The toughest to restore was the Special Edition as some parts of the island were missing and the ocean could not be simply painted blue like the VGA release. Thankfully, there are now plenty of AI tools that made the task a lot easier. In the end, I was pretty happy with the results.


Lastly, but not least, the Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge section now has two options - VGA or Special Edition.

Characters galore!

One of the first pages I created for this website was the Characters section. Since the beggining the screenshots of the characters were only from the VGA releases of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. I am now happy to say that it now supports multiple versions of these two titles, including the Special Editions.


For The Secret of Monkey Island you can now select the following versions:

As for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge you have the following options:

Soon the website will also allow to select different versions on the Screenshots and Islands sections.

Monkey Island 1 cover art restoration improved

The Secret of Monkey Island restored cover art

Laserschwert did it again and has now improved The Secret of Monkey Island cover art restoration. Using better sources, he managed to capture a lot more details and show more of the art that was previously cropped or hidden by the box frame. This also unveiled something that was not so obvious which are the crossbones behind the skull. If you want to know more info about the restoration process, you can read it all in the House of Mojo forum thread.


This poster and other LucasArts posters are available to download here.

One year ago we returned from the dead!

It's now been one year since we were back from dead after disappearing for almost a decade. The initial plan was to only revive the website as an archive for posterity, but it soon evolved into something bigger, including redesigning the whole website. Along this year we also brought new content like the Trivia & Secrets section and kept updating the main page with Monkey Island news. We also expanded to different social media networks to keep up with the new internet trends. The idea is to use each platform for different purposes:

  • Twitter - short news updates and some fan art.
  • Instagram - updated daily with concept art, random screenshots from the games, fan art, trivia or pictures related to a news update.
  • Website - more important Monkey Island news, usually more detailed than what is posted on Twitter or Instagram.
  • YouTube - mainly used for secret & trivia videos. 

Special thanks to our patrons (Charles, Remi and João) for helping this website stay alive!

We are now on Instagram!

We have now expanded our social network presense to Instagram. Up until now we were only on Twitter and YouTube, but considering how much more people we can reach there we decided to give it a go. The plan is to post daily pictures at the same time every day. Expect a random picture based on something interesting happening on the Monkey Island world like a fan project or just a random picture of any of the Monkey Island games at 1pm BST (UK time) or 8am EST or 5am PT.


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