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Fan comic by Paride Prete now available in English!

When we published Paco's Comic in March, we promised another comic was coming. Well, the new fan comic is now available. The talented Paride Prete created this fantastic new comic that covers the prologue and the first part of The Curse of Monkey Island. The comic was originally written in Italian and shared on Facebook in 2021, but it's now available on our website in English. Enjoy the comic!

Return to Monkey Island merchandise is now available!

Devolver Digital and Terrible Toybox announced today that the Return to Monkey Island merchandise is now available on the Devolver Digital merch store. They had hinted at the merchandise’s arrival by September of last year, but no further news emerged until today.


The following items are currently available for pre-order: 

  • Bella Fisher Flag Beach Towel
  • Stan's Slogans T-shirt (Purple)
  • LeChuck Mouse Mat
  • Murray T-shirt (Black)
  • Wally's Desk Mat
  • Lowball Glass
  • LeChuck Quote T-shirt (Red)
  • Guybrush Socks (Green)
  • Big Whoop Amusement Park T-shirt (Yellow)
  • Sticker Pack

Please note that shipping is only expected by September for all pre-orders.

Concept Art from Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

Our Concept Art Gallery has now been completed with the addition of the latest concept art section from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Special Edition).


This section has a total of 108 images, which are either concept art of characters or animals seen in the game.


We're still trying to credit all images. Here's a summary of each section:

If you know the author of any of the concept art images, please let us know.

New Concept Art from Monkey Island 1: Special Edition

We are pleased to announce an update to our concept art gallery with the addition of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. This new section features 57 concept art images.


Stay tuned to our page for the upcoming Monkey Island 2: Special Edition gallery.

Return to Monkey Island launching on Apple Arcade

As reported by The International House of Mojo, Return to Monkey Island+ is set to arrive on Apple Arcade, a game subscription service by Apple, on June 6.


The plus symbol (+) on the App Store indicates that there are no in-app purchases. This is likely used to differentiate it from the existing version, which allows the user to play for around an hour before requiring payment to unlock the full game.


Update: corrected the plus symbol meaning.

Tales of Monkey Island: A New Concept Art Gallery

We are pleased to inform you of the latest update to our concept art gallery: a new section dedicated to Tales of Monkey Island. This addition enriches our collection with an impressive array of 126 concept art images, offering a comprehensive look at the game’s artistic development.


We extend our big thanks to Ryan Jones, who, as the concept artist for Tales of Monkey Island, has assisted us in correctly crediting most of the concept art.


Stay updated with our page for the forthcoming galleries for the Special Editions of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

The Secret of Monkey Island Concept Art

We are delighted to present the newest addition to our concept art gallery: The Secret of Monkey Island. This section features a selection of 10 concept art images.


While the gallery at present doesn't contain all Monkey Island games, we are actively compiling additional artwork, including pieces from the special editions that will be added in due course.


Keep an eye on our page for more updates.

New Gallery: Monkey Island 2 Concept Art

We’ve added a new section to our concept art gallery featuring Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. This section includes 44 concept art images of the game.


The gallery aims to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development. We’re in the process of attributing each artwork to its respective artist and will update our records as we gather more information.


Please note that the gallery currently showcases artwork from the original version of the game. The concept art for the Special Edition is still being compiled and will be added to our collection once available.


Check out the page and stay tuned for more additions from the Monkey Island series.