Monkey Island Anthology deliveries delayed

The Monkey Island Anthology boxset from Limited Run Games that was available early this year has now been delayed from Q2 2021 to Q4 2021. If you managed to pre-order it don't expect it to arrive anytime soon.


The boxset includes a behind the scenes book with more than 160 pages, the code wheels from Monkey Island 1 and 2, a disk 22 floppy diskette, a resin Murray candle holder, enamel pins and much more. The pre-orders were available from December 4th, 2020 to January 31 st, 2021. If you missed it your only chance now is buying it on eBay or a similar site once it gets delivered, but expect a hefty price tag.


Update (June 9, 2021): Limited Run Games just sent an e-mail with the production status. According to them all items are now completed except two:

"All we’re waiting on now is final approval for the completed 160+ page anniversary book and the hand-signed certificate of authenticity by series creator Ron Gilbert. That’s right, hand-signed! There are roughly 10,000 of these for Ron to sign. That’s a lot of certificates to get through for one person, so we’re sending Ron our energy!"

Looks like Ron has a lot of signing to do!

Monkey Island 2 cover art restored

Monkey Island 2 cover art restored

Laserschewert is quite well known in the community for restoring the LucasArts posters which he then shares on the International House of Mojo forums. His latest master piece is the cover art of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Thanks to the scan of an old UK magazine poster and some AI trickery he was able to restore Steve Purcell's cover artwork. The result is a high resolution image with a great level of detail where even the brush strokes and canvas texture can be seen. If you want to know more about the restoration process you can read it all on this Twitter thread.


This poster and other LucasArts posters are availble to download here.

Small site improvements

I have made a few more improvements to the website to make sure the user experience is as good as it can be. The improvements were the following:

  • Increased the spacing between lines (line-height or leading). I was using the default spacing which made each line too close to each other and the text harder to read. It is a very small change but should improve the readability.
  • Expanded the footer. This is something I wanted to do for quite some time as the previous footer design was not flexible enough to fit more links. The footer finally includes a link to our YouTube channel. On larger screens I also added an illustration to make it feel like the bottom of the sea.
  • Small improvements to make the site slighly faster.

Fullscreen now supported by the Cannon Game

Last October I added the Cannon Game to the Browser Games section. The Cannon Game is a replica of the cannon mini-game from The Curse of Monkey Island and it is playable on your browser. It also includes the same easter eggs as the original game.

The feedback I got was mostly positive, but some people complained about the mouse controls and asked for full screen support. I am happy to say that both points have now been addressed:

  • A new button was added to allow the game to go into full screen mode. The only exception is Safari for iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately on the iPhone the feature is not supported and on the iPad the swipe down gesture used for moving the cannon vertically exits the full screen mode.
  • If you are using a mouse the pointer will get locked and will no longer go outside of the game. This is true even if you are not using the full screen mode.

Have fun!

Tales of Monkey Island has returned to the App Store

Tales of Monkey Island returns to the App Store

Back in 2018 TellTale Games let go 90% of their work force and removed all their games from all online stores. Luckily, a company called LCG Entertainment managed to secure most of their IPs and started re-launching them. By July last year they brought back Tales of Monkey Island to PC on GoG and Steam. They have now re-published the iOS/iPadOS version on the App Store.

The game costs $14.99/£14.99/€16.99 for the whole bundle or $4.99/£4.99/€5.49 if you buy each of the 5 episodes individually. If you had already bought it you won't need to buy it again unless you owned the "HD" version. This version was intended for the iPad only and is no longer available since the normal version is now universal and supports both iPad an iPhone.


The relaunched game doesn't seem to contain any changes besides supporting the latest OS versions and recent devices.

You can now preview sounds or music before downloading

I have made a few more improvements on the website. This time I added a new button to play audio directly from the MP3 Music and Sounds pages.

The new button is accesible on the left side of each file and will start playing the music/sound once pressed. It will also track the progress. On the right side, the download button will no longer open a player inside the browser and it will download the file directly. Hopefully this will help people find audio files faster!

User Experience improvements

I made a few changes to improve the website navigability with special emphasis on the mobile version. The improvements were made in a few key areas:

  • Navigation - the navigation bar is now sticky and will always stay on top even when scrolling down. This should allow you to access any section of the website without having to scroll up.
  • Clarity - the menus got a gloss effect to make them easier to read. The only exception is if you use the Firefox browser as it does not support the feature yet, but should soon. The options inside the menu also got a new border so it's easier to understand the hit areas.
  • Consistency - The mobile menu is now using a black transparent background to make it consistent with the normal version.
  • Accessibility - The hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) available on the mobile version has now been moved to the right (sorry lefties!). On the left I have now added an icon to go directly to the home page.

I hope you like the changes!

ScummVM savegames now available!

Modern computers made it more difficult to run old games like Monkey Island. Luckily we have ScummVM that allows us to run these games, not only on modern computers, but also on all kind of devices from your phone to your console. ScummVM became even more relevant to the Monkey Island world when ScummVM added Escape from Monkey Island (available in daily builds for now). 

For all these reasons we have now included a ScummVM version to all our saved games. Each ZIP file now includes two folders, one for the original game and the other for the ScummVM version.