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DREAMM 2.0 released

The DREAMM emulator has just released version 2.0, expanding its support to include the fourth installment of the Monkey Island series, Escape from Monkey Island. The new version is also available on macOS, in addition to Windows.


For those who may not be familiar, DREAMM is a DOS/Windows/FM-Towns emulator by Aaron Giles for LucasArts games. Unlike other emulators such as ScummVM, which may interpret the original game engines, DREAMM is a true emulator and should provide better fidelity to the original games.


DREAMM 2.0 is available for download on the emulator's official website

Return to Monkey Island gets 70 new trivia cards

Devolver Digital and Terrible Toybox have just announced a new update to the classic adventure game, Return to Monkey Island, now live on all platforms. The update includes a whopping 70 new trivia cards, in addition to the 100 existing cards, for players to find, and answer. This new addition will add an extra layer of fun and challenge to the game. So what are you waiting for? Update your game and get ready to put your Monkey Island knowledge to the test!

Monkey Island physical release pre-orders now open

Limited Run Games has opened the Return to Monkey Island physical release pre-orders today. The pre-orders will remain open until March 5, 2023.


They're selling three editions - regular, collectors and anthology upgrade kit. The basic edition costs $34.99 and comes in three different versions - Switch, PS5 or Xbox. The collector's edition costs $89.99 and also offers a PC version. Lastly, there's the Return to Monkey Island Anthology Upgrade Kit, which costs $59.99.


You can pre-order the game at the Limited Run Games website.

Return to Monkey Island gets a physical release

Limited Run Games announced three physical releases of Return to Monkey Island today. The pre-orders will be open between January 20th and March 5th. There will be physical games for Switch, PS5, Xbox and PC.


The releases are the following:

  • Return to Monkey Island Collector's Edition (Switch, PS5, Xbox or PC) for $89.99
  • Return to Monkey Island Anthology Upgrade Kit for $59.99
  • Return to Monkey Island (Switch, PS5 or Xbox) for $34.99

Check their website for more details.

Voices and Sound Effects of all Monkey Island games

You can now play or download the voices and sounds effects of all Monkey Island games. Up to today, only sounds from The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island were available. I've now added the remaining games, including Return to Monkey Island. The section now includes a total of 241 entries.

The Retro Hour interview Bill Tiller

The Retro Hour, a podcast focused on retro gaming and technology, interviewed Bill Tiller during their latest episode. As you probably know, Bill was the Lead Artist of The Curse of Monkey Island.


During almost two hours of the podcast, they discuss different LucasArts games, including The Curse of Monkey Island. The interview starts at the 40 minutes mark, and the Monkey Island discussion at the 1 hour and 19 minutes mark.

Best Games of 2022 and Return to Monkey Island

With another year almost over, most video gaming websites pick the best games of the year. Here's a compilation of the websites that included Return to Monkey Island in their best of 2022:

Not bad at all! Of course, for us, it will always be number one.

Return to Monkey Island wins Best Puzzle Game

Return to Monkey Island just won IGN's Best Puzzle Game of the Year, it was announced today.

Return to Monkey Island is both a retro-styled throwback and a thoroughly modern puzzle game; all the graphic adventure stylings and witty dialogue of the 1990s, but this time packed with puzzles that demand real-world logic rather than whatever voodoo thinking was used for the duo’s original games.

The game was also nominated for "The Best Performance in a Game in 2022", thanks to the performance by Dominic Armato, but the award ended up going to God of War Ragnarok.


Congrats to the team for another great win!