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Nicolas Deneschau reviews Return to Monkey Island

It's been more than a decade since we posted a review of a Monkey Island game. Now that Return to Monkey Island is out, it was the right opportunity.


Nicolas Deneschau, the author of a french book called The Mysteries of Monkey Island, soon to be translated to English, was kind enough to agree and review the last Monkey Island title for us. As with most reviews, expect a few spoilers.

The almost transparent use of certain 3D elements, perfectly embedded into the classic 2D decorum, is as subtle and effective as the multiplication of additional animations which in no way affect the readability of the action. In short, Return to Monkey Island is beautiful as hell, polished like a jewel and fits perfectly into the elite of modern games without having to blush at all.

You can read the review here! Big thanks to Nicolas!

How to find all trivia cards in Return to Monkey Island

I've added a quick guide to help you find the best way to complete the trivia book in Return to Monkey Island. In addition to a few tips on how to find the trivia cards, it also includes the answers to all 100 trivia cards. Check it out if you finished the game already!

Support Nicolas translate his Monkey Island book to English

Nicolas Deneschau is looking for support to translate his Monkey Island book, The Mysteries of Monkey Island, to English. The book includes stories, behind-the-scenes, jokes, interviews and analysis of the Monkey Island games. It's currently available in French and Spanish, but he has created a Kickstarter campaign to get funding to translate it to English.


To support him, you have different pledges, from 1 to 1000€, which may or not include the book. The campaign has already reached its goal, but it's still an opportunity you don't want to miss. Visit his Kickstarter page to check all the available pledges!

Return to Monkey Island Released

Return to Monkey Island has officially been released and reviews are popping up all over the internet. If you are not currently playing the game yet for whatever reason, here are some of the reviews that went out this morning:

Marius interviews Rex Crowle

The International House of Mojo published today what seems to be the last interview before Return to Monkey Island is out. Marius sat down with Rex Crowle, Return to Monkey Island art director, to talk about the art style and the development process of the new Monkey Island game.

Rex: Like all of the characters, I did a lot of different versions to show to Ron and Dave. We went with a slightly different version initially, that was actually one that I really liked, but it was very, very different from LeChuck, he was almost lizard-like. And then we steered it back towards more, kind of, classic style. Yeah, he's just a lot of fun to work with. (...)

You can read the whole interview at The International House of Mojo.

Release time and gameplay from Return to Monkey Island

With just a few days until Return to Monkey Island is out, Devolver Digital announced today on Twitter the time when we can expect the game to be available. Return to Monkey Island will be released, on both Steam and Switch, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 BST. As with all releases, expect a few minutes of delay until it's available for everyone.


IGN's week dedicated to Monkey Island finished today with 4 minutes of Return to Monkey Island gameplay. Watch it here, if you don't mind spoilers, including a small puzzle.

Eurogamer Interview and IGN Update

Another day, another Return to Monkey Island interview. This time it is Victoria Kennedy at Eurogamer who sat down with game creators, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, and art director, Rex Crowle for a more formal interview regarding the game that launches next week. The interview asks the usual questions we've seen over the last few weeks, but does cover topics such as Guybrush's relationship with Elaine in Return to Monkey Island, talk of some new characters in the game and the future of the series. There are some spoilers (so be warned if you want to know nothing in advance), but otherwise, check out the interview here.


Ron and I shut ourselves away for a month and just really honed in on three characters and three backgrounds and did a lot of iterations on those. Then we slowly started showing what we've been coming up with together to the rest of the team.


Meanwhile, over at IGN, they have added a small video with a look at the hint system that is featured in the game. Check it out here.

Mixnmojo interview Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman

With the release date for Return to Monkey Island fast approaching more and more interviews are popping up. This time it's the turn of our friends over at The International House of Mojo. The interview by Marius and elTee is both interesting and lengthy, and in a conversation style with the two game creators. A fun read that talks about the nostalgia of the Monkey Island series, as well as the upcoming game. Give it a look here.


Ron: Yeah, I think that you say, we didn’t want it to appear like it was a special edition, you know, that it was Monkey 1 and we were just redoing the graphics. And that kind of comes from – and we touch on this in the story – is that time has moved on. Time has moved on for Guybrush, time has moved on for Mêlée, time has moved on for the pirate leaders and everyone else in the game.