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Noah Falstein says RMI will be subject of PhD thesis

Laura Cress, a UK streamer, interviewed Noah Falstein last Sunday. Noah, a game designer known for creating a few LucasArts titles, managed to test an early version of Return to Monkey Island.


While most of the questions during the interview focused on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, there were also a few questions about Return to Monkey Island, including a massive compliment to the game:

There’s plenty in there to discuss for years to come. I actually had a kind of a vision as I was looking at this and thinking about some of the elements of storytelling in it, that at the Game Developers Conference every year, they now do a poster session for students who have been studying games and they will talk about a game and they, you know, analysing it and I realised what they have done with Return to Monkey Island I fully expect will be the subject of Master’s and PhD thesis in times to come.

The questions about Return to Monkey Island start around 1 hour and 24 minutes into the stream.

Devolver Direct 2022 coming on June 9

Devolver Digital showcase event, called "Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing", has been announced and will take place after the Summer Game Fest scheduled for tomorrow.


So far, there hasn't been much information shared about Return to Monkey Island besides six screenshots, a teaser and a few interviews. However, the game seems to be in the final stages as Ron Gilbert and his team have been fixing bugs and recording voices for a while now.


With all these considered, there is a high chance we will get more information about the the Return to Monkey Island during the Devolver Digital event, hopefully, a trailer and release date.


The event is part of the Summer Game Fest and will be available to watch on all the major live stream platforms. You can watch it tomorrow, June 9, at 11pm UK time, or 6pm ET or 3pm PT. In any case, you can always check back here for any news on Return to Monkey Island.


Update: There was no announcement during Devolver's event.

Rex Crowle gets interviewed by GamesBeat

GamesBeat published another interview, this time they had a chat with Rex Crowle, the Return to Monkey Island Art Director. Although the interview is short, they get into interesting topics like Crowle's inspiration for the art style:

There’s the color palettes of The Secret of Monkey Island, the more painterly approach of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, as well as some of the shaper more stylized shapes of The Curse of Monkey Island. We’re a very small indie team so we didn’t go down the 3D route, but aside from that we’ve taken something from all of the games, while making something new and specifically tailored to the story that Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman wanted to tell.

Head over to their website and read their interview!

Return to Monkey Island development diary

Ron Gilbert updated his blog with a new post where he shares the Return to Monkey Island development diary. The diary doesn't include a lot of entries, as by the end of July 2021, he got so busy he didn't have time to update it anymore. In any case, in the comments section, Ron added some interesting details:

We decided against a playable Elaine because the story went in a direction where that didn't make sense anymore. It would be fun to do a MI with Elaine is the playable character and Guybrush is the sidekick, but that will have to wait for another game.

Gilbert also added that he played the first three Monkey Island games to prepare for the game development.

GamesBeat talks with the Return to Monkey Island designers

Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman gave another interview to talk about the Return to Monkey Island. Most questions by GamesBeat had already been asked before or were very generic. The most interesting one was about the monkey wrench puzzle, to which Grossman explained:

The Monkey Wrench puzzle from LeChuck's Revenge is notoriously unsolvable and was not a good design on several levels. Even if you are an English speaker from a location where the tool in question is commonly called a "monkey wrench," and you realize that that's what you need, you still have to make an astonishing predictive leap about how your actions will create that tool. Nothing in the game sets any of it up adequately.

Read the full interview here!

Short interview with Ron by CNET

CNET has published a short interview with Ron Gilbert. The article talks mostly about how long it has been since the first two games were released. At the end of the piece, they ask a few questions to Ron Gilbert.

The ending of Monkey Island 2 had a huge cliffhanger. I left Lucasfilm right after that and never resolved it. Future games did their best but we wanted to tackle it head on. While Return to Monkey Island does start right after Monkey 2 ends, it's not a 'sequel' to Monkey 2 either. It's going to be a fun journey. It will be an e-ticket ride.

Read the full interview.

Australian newspaper talks with Gilbert & Grossman

The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, talked with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman about Return to Monkey Island, the upcoming Monkey Island game.


Gilbert talked about pixel art and how he doesn't want to do more of the same.

Players often want ‘more of the same, but better’, and those two ideas don’t go together. The games we made back then always changed and took advantage of new players, ideas, and tech. There is no reason to stop that now.

Grossman also discussed how they approached the game and nostalgia.

There is always a desire to return to some rosy or exciting past, and we rarely find it right where we left it. It’s always shifting and changing, never quite what we thought we remembered. Or what we imagined

Head over to their website to read their article.

IGN turn to interview Ron & Dave

IGN also managed to get an interview with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. The interview doesn't contain plenty of new information, but it's still worth checking.


When Ron is questioned about how they approached the game from the start, he says they wanted it to be a solid pirate adventure.

Dave and I spent a lot of time talking about ‘What is Monkey Island? What does it mean to us now? What does it mean to Guybrush now?’ Thinking about interesting stories. For me I wanted this game to be a good solid pirate adventure. I felt like some of the past Monkey Islands had veered a little bit into the silly territory. And I wanted this to just be, ‘It’s a pirate adventure.’ Guybrush is sailing the seas and visiting islands, and so that was a cornerstone that I wanted to do.

Read the full interview.