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Return to Monkey Island merchandise is now available!

Devolver Digital and Terrible Toybox announced today that the Return to Monkey Island merchandise is now available on the Devolver Digital merch store. They had hinted at the merchandise’s arrival by September of last year, but no further news emerged until today.


The following items are currently available for pre-order: 

  • Bella Fisher Flag Beach Towel
  • Stan's Slogans T-shirt (Purple)
  • LeChuck Mouse Mat
  • Murray T-shirt (Black)
  • Wally's Desk Mat
  • Lowball Glass
  • LeChuck Quote T-shirt (Red)
  • Guybrush Socks (Green)
  • Big Whoop Amusement Park T-shirt (Yellow)
  • Sticker Pack

Please note that shipping is only expected by September for all pre-orders.

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