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Devolver Direct 2022 coming on June 9

Devolver Digital showcase event, called "Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing", has been announced and will take place after the Summer Game Fest scheduled for tomorrow.


So far, there hasn't been much information shared about Return to Monkey Island besides six screenshots, a teaser and a few interviews. However, the game seems to be in the final stages as Ron Gilbert and his team have been fixing bugs and recording voices for a while now.


With all these considered, there is a high chance we will get more information about the the Return to Monkey Island during the Devolver Digital event, hopefully, a trailer and release date.


The event is part of the Summer Game Fest and will be available to watch on all the major live stream platforms. You can watch it tomorrow, June 9, at 11pm UK time, or 6pm ET or 3pm PT. In any case, you can always check back here for any news on Return to Monkey Island.


Update: There was no announcement during Devolver's event.

Miguel • June 8, 2022 • 2 Comments


June 10, 2022 • 15:36 GMT

Bahaha, I appreciate the updates nonetheless


June 10, 2022 • 17:46 GMT

It was a bit disappointing, but I am sure we will have more news soon.

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