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The Verge also interviews Ron and Dave

In addition to Adventure Gamers, The Verge also interviewed Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. Although they shared the same screenshots, they managed to get some interesting stories from Ron. Especially the one about Dominic Armato's reaction:

(...) We got together, we had coffee, and I think he was very interested in the new game, almost kind of wondering whether maybe he could have a voice part in it. And then I told him that it was the new Monkey Island, and he was just floored. Which is a reaction I get from a lot of people. Before, when we were bringing people on, and we’d talk to them, the minute I mentioned, “I’m making a new Monkey Island….” One person literally started crying. They were so happy that this was happening. So I think Dominic was really floored that we were doing it and extremely happy.

Read the full interview!

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