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This guide is largely based on the in-game hint book by Kenny Sun, with expanded explanations for better understanding. For the best experience, we suggest using the in-game hint book, as it provides tailored hints based on your progress without giving away too much.

Prelude - An Unexpected Story Begins

Enter the Scurvydogs shop on the right. Interact with the key on a pegleg hanging on the left of the shop and then snag the key. Leave the shop and go to the outhouse located on the left. Use the key with the pegleg you picked up with the door to unlock it. Interact with the little metal thing on the ground near the door. It's a slug! Peel it off of the floor.

Go back to the Scurvydogs shop and give the slug to the counter guy. He gives you two Scurvydogs. Leave the shop, head to the right, and go through the flowers archway.

In this area, you will meet Dee. Here you can do different activities, but none is required to proceed. Go to the right until you see a gate and open it. Keep going to the right and talk to dad (Guybrush).

Part I - A Friendly Place

This part starts on the Mêlée Island lookout point. Finish talking to the Lookout by saying “I’m mounting my own voyage. Mine.”. He'll tell you to go to the Scumm Bar. Go down the stairs and to the right in the docks. Once you enter the building, go to the right and speak to the Pirate Leaders near the fireplace. Talk to them about financing an expedition. They won't help you get a ship, you need to find an alternative. Once the conversation is over you will storm off.

Go to LeChuck's ship on the left of the Scumm Bar. Talk to the ghost pirate and ask her about the swabbie job. You need a mop and a disguise. Leave the docks and go to the right to Low Street.

Making the mop

Enter the International House of Mouse on the right and talk to Corina, the Voodoo Lady. Once finished, look at the knife at the bottom of the screen and buy it. Also buy the frog near the knife.

Go back to the Scumm Bar and enter the kitchen located at the far right of the bar. Talk to the cook and ask him where you can buy a mop. He'll tell you you need to build it.

You need to find a mop-handle tree. Wally can make you a map. Talk to him in his map store on Low Street, opposite the Voodoo Shop. Tell him you're looking for a tree to make a mop from. He needs a slither of the wood of a mop so he can make you a map. Sneak the monocle. Exit the shop, enter again and take another one. Combine the two in the inventory.

The Scumm Bar cook has a mop, but you need to distract him first to take a slither of it. The cook is making a dish which was eaten at the Governor's mansion and needs to know the ingredients.

On Low Street, look at the statue plaque to learn about her accomplishments. Go to the docks and read Carla’s election poster on the building to the left of the Scumm Bar, past the docks. Write down or memorise what both say.

Go to the Governor's mansion past Low and High street, on the left of Mêlée Island. Try to borrow the “Ingredients” book from Carla in the bookshelf under the stairs. You need to get Carla to forgive you before she'll let you borrow the book.

In the inventory, combine the art pen with the frog. Write "Dear Carla," and "Sorry for losing the book I borrowed.". Use the information from Carla’s election poster and the statue plaque in the next two phrases. The last sentence is not important. Give it to Carla. Borrow the "Ingredients" book and bring it to the cook in the Scumm Bar kitchen. You can now take the mop. Use the knife with it to take a sample and put the mop back.

Give the wood sample to Wally in his map store and he'll make you a map. Go to the forest near the museum on the Mêlée Island overview, then use the mop map to navigate the forest. Pay close attention to the placement of the flowers. Keeping track of where you are on the mop map, follow the paths with flowers whose colours correspond to the ones on the map.

Once you get to the mop tree, get a branch from it using the knife. You now have a mop handle. For the mop head, you can use one of the following four different items: tangled string (Scumm Bar kitchen), shrunken head (Voodoo shop), sea sponge (Stan's old shipyard) or stuffed animal (Governor's mansion). Combine the handle with one of those to make a mop.

Getting a disguise

Enter the forest on the outskirts of town and follow the signage to the museum on the right. Use the double monocle with the display case lock. You now have the serial number. Go to the right, enter the storeroom and take the cracker mix.

Go to the Locke Smith shop on High Street and give her the serial number. Give her the cracker mix and take the crackers.

Return to the museum. Use the crackers with the guard parrot and the key with the display case lock to take the eye patch. Take the eye patch to Corina, the Voodoo Lady on Low Street. Give it to her and she'll say you have to find the Bite of a Thousand Needles so she can charge up the eyepatch.

Visit the dark forest near the museum and use the knife with the carnivorous plant. Give the Voodoo Lady the plant sample you collected from the forest.

Head to LeChuck's ship at the docks. Put on the enchanted eye patch before getting to the quartermaster and then give her the mop.

Part II - A Dangerous Journey

Pick up the pamphlet near the ladder and open the crate on the other side of the room. You find out Murray is hiding inside.

Use the mop to swab the grease from the floor onto each of the three porthole screws. Put the swab back into the bucket. Use the knife on the porthole screws until all the screws are out.

Use the mop to swab the grease from the floor onto the porthole. Repeat this two more times. You can now escape through the porthole.

Once outside, head to the right and climb over the railing. LeChuck is talking to the crew on the deck and needs a flattened skull. Go back to the hold and take Murray against his will, or convince him to join you.

Return to the top deck and take the stairs down into the ship. Touch the laundry machine, and it breaks. Use the screws in your inventory with the laundry machine to fix it. Now use Murray with it to flatten him. Go to the top deck and put the flattened Murray into the cauldron.

From the top deck, climb up the mast at the back of the ship to the crow's nest and look around. Use the spyglass in the crow's nest to look around. Go all the way to the right until you spot Madison's crew.

It seems like Iron Rose is the only one who'd care about your plan, talk to her on the top deck. You'll have to convince each crew member individually to go to Monkey Island, and then call the vote when ready.

Getting Flair's vote

Talk to Flair near the kitchen on the lower deck and ask about her vote. Flair says her knife is stuck in Gullet's back, you'll have to find where he fell to retrieve it. From the greased porthole exterior, go all the way left and climb into the ocean down to the rudder. Pull out the knife from Gullet's back. Find Flair on the lower deck and give her knife back to her.

Getting Flambe's vote

Talk to Flambe in the crow's nest and ask about his vote. Ask Flambe if he has a favourite food and he'll say it's Scorched Alaska. Find Putra on the left side of the lower deck and ask her to make one for you. It seems like Putra wants a promotion, you'll have to get her one before she'll make a Scorched Alaska. Ask if she tried getting a promotion and she'll give you the request for promotion papers. Pick them up.

Go to LeChuck's cabin and try convincing him to give Putra a promotion. You might need to enter LeChuck's cabin twice. You'll have to complete the First Swab's Report before you can get Putra a promotion. Examine the First Swab's Report for instructions on how to complete the report. You need to find untidy areas on the ship and log them by using the First Swab's Report on it. You can log the five untidy areas below:

  • Log a mess in the galley - e.g. the dirty dishes
  • Log the greasy porthole in the hold
  • Log Gullet beneath the ship
  • Log the potion spill on the top deck
  • Log the empty boxes on the top deck at the front of the ship

Now that you've filled out the form, bring it to Iron Rose on the top deck to initial it. Combine Putra's promotion request with the stack of papers and give the stack of papers to LeChuck directly. Go to the ship's galley and give the signed promotion request to Putra. Ask her to make a Scorched Alaska and pick it up. Use your knife to cut off a piece of the red hot stick near the cannon on the top deck. Use the red hot stick tip in your inventory on the Scorched Alaska and give it to Flambe in the crow's nest. You now have his vote.

Getting Apple Bob's vote

Ask Flambe about the book and borrow it. Go to the top deck and give it to Apple Bob.

Getting Iron Rose's vote

Talk to Iron Rose on the top deck. Enquire about her loyalty to LeChuck. Show her the inspirational onboarding pamphlet you picked in the hold.

Getting Apple Putra's vote

Once you get Iron Rose's vote you just need to ask Putra about her vote.

Getting all votes

Ring the bell on the top deck once to vote.

Getting the map

Ring the bell on the top deck twice to summon LeChuck and at your first chance, sneak away to his cabin while he's shouting. Swap LeChuck's map with the mop map in your inventory.

Getting to Monkey Island

Pick up Murray on the top deck, if you haven't already, so you can send him to Madison's ship. Put Murray into the cannon on the top deck and fire the cannon.

Part III - Return to Monkey Island

Follow the signage to Monkey Island pointing right until you get to the beach. Go into the jungle behind the beach to travel across the island. You have LeChuck's map to The Secret, follow the directions on it:

  • Begin your search at the red berry bush. Look for it north of the beach you landed at
  • Follow the stone monkey hand, and take the path next to it to the right
  • Go by the wooden chicken, and take the path near it to the north
  • Sneak past the bees and heed the sign, and take the path to the right

Pick up the shovel and dig up the big X. Madison's crew will show up. Once you're done talking to them, trek to volcano beach on the west coast of the island. Go into the ocean on the left and keep walking until you find an anchor.

Climb up the anchor chain and go to the left until you find Gullet underneath LeShip. Gullet's notebook seems important to him, ask him about it. Keep on asking Gullet about his notebook and offer to help him with the poetry. Show Gullet the business card in your inventory and he'll give you the notebook.

Climb up, go to the right and try to go to the top deck. Flair will kick you out. Go to the right until you get to the shore. Use the knife on the dead squid on the right to take a tentacle. You'll need this later.

Find your “partners” at the east end of the island at the giant monkey head and talk to them about your trouble getting on the ship. Go back to the side of the ship and recite the disguise poem, you'll be able to board it now.

LeChuck's catch phrase

Go into the lower deck and sneak into LeChuck's cabin. Take LeChuck's diary from the shelf and read it. LeChuck's February 17 entry in his diary contains his current catchphrase.

LeChuck's favourite food

Talk to Putra in the ship's galley about LeChuck's eating habits. Putra was recently promoted to chef, mention that when you ask about LeChuck's favourite food. Putra says that LeChuck's favourite food is tentacles with daisy sauce, ask her to make some for you. Give her the tentacle you picked up on volcano beach and pick up the dish.

LeChuck's theme song

Ring the bell on the top deck once to call a vote, and take Flair’s sheet music from the lower deck while she’s distracted. The sheet music is on the left near the kitchen.

You now need to pick up six skulls, besides Murray:

  • On the southern beach where you first arrived
  • At the shipwreck on the eastern side of the island
  • On Volcano Beach on the western side of the island
  • In the ocean under LeChuck's ship
  • Near the fence at the giant monkey head
  • At the clifftop near the centre of the island

Head to the giant monkey head at the east end of the island. Go to the right until you find Murray. Grab the arm bone near the stakes. Place all of the skulls you have on the stakes. Use the arm bone on each skull to learn which note each one plays. You need to play the notes “Do Do Mi Sol Fa Fa Re” by bonking the skulls that produce the corresponding sounds. When asked, use the catchphrase from LeChuck's diary (February 17), and eat the tentacles.

Leaving Monkey Island

After you fall from the cliff, pick up the ship repair manual that Elaine left for you. You can also pick up Murray and the other skulls you left on the stakes, but it's not required. Meet Elaine and use the ship repair manual on the shipwreck. It's located on the east side of the island.

Part IV - Things Get Complicated

Go to the Voodoo Shop to confront the Voodoo Lady about The Secret. Once you're done talking with her and Widey Bones go to Wally's Maps-n-More and ask Wally for a sea map of the local area.

Getting Brrr Muda Golden Key

Return to the ship and set sail to Scurvy Island. Once there, head north to the camp. Take the firewood next to the tent and the painting on the table on the right. Read the note Elaine left and follow the directions to find her in the lime grove at the intersection of the two landmarks. After you speak with Elaine, pick up some limes.

Go back to the ship and set sail to the Brrr Muda Island. You will be stopped by customs. Now that you have limes, fill out the form but don't check the first box that asks if you are a pirate. Don't worry about the other boxes except the last one.

Head left to the island centre to leave the town centre. Enter the Ice Castle on the east of the island. Pick up the box of matches near the fire. Go up the stairs and talk to the Ice Queen. Talk to the Ice Queen in her throne room to challenge her to one of the contests.

Contest of Heartiness

You need to find a replacement fish for the Contest of Heartiness. Go to the Town Hall and look at the Fish of the Day sign in the Heartiness Contest room to learn what kind of fish is needed. Then, go to the fish shop on Mêlée and purchase the fish of the day, featured on the sign in the Heartiness Contest room.

Sail to LeChuck's ship, enter the galley and take the Demon Pepper. Go back to the Contest of Heartiness room in the Brrr Muda town hall and place the fish you purchased into the bucket. Sprinkle some Demon Pepper on the fish inside the bucket and ring the triangle to start the contest. Once the contest starts, take a fish from your inventory and place it onto your plate, instead of one from the bucket.

Contest of Intelligence

Enter the Room of Intelligence (mezzanine) and place the firewood you picked from the Scurvy Island camp in the fireplace. Light the fireplace with the matches you picked from the entrance of the queen's throne room. You've successfully created a distraction for the queen during the Contest of Intelligence, try starting it by using the triangle. During the contest, you need to swap papers with the queen while she's looking away towards the dripping icicle.

Contest of Seriousness

Sail to Mêlée Island and visit the Governor's mansion. Talk to Carla and ask her for some disaster relief to rebuild local businesses. Go to the Scumm Bar and give the cook the IOU in your inventory. Take back the cookbook from the cook and return it to Carla. Borrow “The Endless Tale of the Voyage That Would Not End” on the top left of Carla's bookshelf and give it to Apple Bob. Bob is at LeChuck's ship.

You now have a book of jokes that the queen probably hasn’t heard, return to Brrr Muda and challenge her to the Contest of Seriousness. You can either talk to the Ice Queen in her throne room or ring the triangle bell in the contest room. During the contest, you need to use the joke book in your inventory to tell the queen a joke from it.

Getting Terror Island Golden Key

Sale to Terror Island. There's a silver key wedged in a skeleton's ribcage at the unlucky place, pick it up. There's also a forgotten lamp on the far right of the mysterious clearing on Terror Island. Pick it up. You now need to light up the lamp. Find Flambe in the crow's nest of LeChuck's ship and use your lamp on him to light it with demon fire.

Sail to Terror Island and go to the twisting path. Follow the path until you reach the end. There's a strange sign at the end. Use your knife on the strange sign and then use the silver key from the skeleton to open the gate. Enter the dark cave.

Keep on wandering around the twisty passages until you find all five strange notes to learn how to make your way through the twisty passages. You have five strange notes in your inventory, each with a strange symbol. All of the notes have strange symbols written on them, which correspond with the symbols written on the walls of the twisty passages.

Go to the beginning of the twisty passages by reading the XYZZY in your inventory. Enter the cave and brave the twisty passages. Go through the passage with the symbol found on the note that references spring and an upcoming voyage. Then, do the same thing with the symbols/notes that reference summer, then fall, then winter, and then the return of spring.

Dive into the water and explore to the right. Keep on exploring the area to the right until you fall. Herman Toothrot has the key! It's near the foot of his bed, try picking it up. Tell Herman you want to make a deal and demand the key to be given to you. Read the XYZZY sign in your inventory to get out.

Getting Old Mrs Smith's Golden Key

Go back to Mêlée Island. Talk to Locke Smith in her shop on High Street and ask her about her name and any possible relationship to Old Mrs. Smith. Ask her if she knows anything about the Golden Keys and then if she'll sell the Golden Key to you. According to the locksmith, the Golden Key has been destroyed. Someone from the court system could look at the probate order to confirm.

Travel to Brrr Muda and find the judge in Brrr Muda’s courthouse and show him the locksmith’s probate order.

Getting Widey's Golden Key

You've gotten enough keys to impress Widey, find her on High Street and try asking her for her key now. You can find her on High Street on Mêlée Island. Based on Widey's description, it seems like Iron Rose, LeChuck's quartermaster, has stolen her key.

Sail to LeChuck's ship to find where Iron Rose put Widey's key. Look in the hold of LeChuck's ship. It looks like one of the chickens has eaten Widey’s key. Pick up some ghost chicken feed near the ladder and feed it to the chicken with the key. You’ll need to give the chicken a little privacy. Exit the hold and return. Pick up the key.

Getting Bella Fisher's Golden Key

You need to get three flags to find out where the key is located.

Flag from the museum

Go to the museum on Mêlée Island. Distract the curator by unlocking the display case with your key, without feeding the parrots. The curator will open the door to the storeroom! Quickly sneak in while he's distracted and take the flag from the storeroom on the right.

Flag from the adrift ship

Go to the shipyard on Mêlée and take the picture that's inside the office. Find the nesting bird on Scurvy Island and enter the lime grove near it. Sprinkle some Demon Pepper on your fish, then feed the fish to the seagull. Your picture is in the bird's nest on the ground, pick it up.

Examine the picture frame and place your picture next to Stan's. Sail to Scurvy Island and show the guard of the ice quarry the frame with the pictures. That'll be enough proof that you know Stan.

Enter the ice quarry on Brrr Muda and find Stan inside. He is at the top right corner of the ice quarry. Talk to him and ask him if he needs help busting out. He doesn't want to be freed since he only has one month left on his sentence. You'll have to change his mind.

There's a small island called Barebones right below the 19th parallel on the far left, find Stan's accountant Ned there. Show Ned the judicial order for Stan's imprisonment. Pick up Ned's financial records. Peek in Ned’s satchel in your inventory. Rummage through Ned’s satchel in your inventory again. Now that you have some incriminating evidence, you'll have to show it to an authority to increase Stan's sentence.

Place Ned’s license in the picture frame and place your picture next to it in the frame. Find the judge in the courthouse on Brrr Muda and show him Stan's financial records. Once you're done, give him the combined picture and license.

You've succeeded in extending Stan's sentence, find him in the Brrr Muda ice quarry again and show him his updated papers. Now that Stan has agreed to be freed, you can try to unshackle him. Use your double monocle on Stan's shackles to get the serial number. Go to the locksmith's shop on Mêlée and hand her the serial number to Stan's shackles. Unlock Stan's shackles with the key the locksmith made for you.

Stan will create a fantastic new pamphlet. Pick it up. Show the new scurvy flyer to the quarantined pirates on an adrift ship. You can now take Bella Fisher's flag.

Flag from the fish shop

Go to Mêlée Island and ask about the flag hanging from the ceiling of the fish shop on High Street. Ask the fishermen about Bella Fisher and then if the flag is for sale. Lastly, ask if you can join the Chums. You'll have to become a high-ranking Chum before you can get the flag from the fish shop.

You'll have to find five fellow chums, show them the lure and tell them a story based on the critiques of the fishers. You can find them in the following places:

  • The locksmith on the High Street (Mêlée Island)
  • The pirate sitting in front of the ruins of the Scumm Bar (Mêlée Island)
  • Apple bob on the top deck (LeChuck's ship)
  • Elaine in the lime grove (Scurvy Island)
  • The guard to the ice quarry (Brrr Muda)

Once completed, go back to the fish shop on Mêlée and show your fishing lure to the fishers. Tell the story using the advice of the other Chums. Now that you're part of the chums, take the tattered flag hanging on the ceiling.

Now that you have three flags, combine them in your inventory to find the secret fishing spot.

Pick up the green drink in front of the Scumm Bar on Mêlée Island. The fizzy drink will help produce a better burp, go directly to the fish shop. While the drink is still fizzy, take a swig of the drink in your inventory and start the burping contest. You can do that by asking if the blowfish on the barrel is for sale.

Blow up the blowfish in your inventory. Go to the spot revealed by Bella Fisher's flags on your sea map, and dive into the ocean. While you're underwater, inhale from the blowfish in your inventory.

Search the shipwreck for Bella Fisher's remains and take the Golden Key hanging on the bow of the wrecked ship.

Go back to the Voodoo Shop on Mêlée and use each of your Golden Keys on the safe inside.

Part V - Beneath the Monkey Head

Talk to Elaine until you arrive at the Giant Monkey Head. Once inside, walk to the ledge on the far right and jump to Certain Lava Death. Enter the stairs leading down.

There’s a plaque on the door blocking the stairway. The plaque on the door says “Only the organized pirate will pass.”. Your goal is to give each monkey statue in the chambers an object to hold that fits their pose:

  • Give the mug to the jolly monkey
  • Give your double monocle to the squinting monkey statue
  • Give the crackers to the monkey with the parrot
  • Give your knife to the frustrated monkey

The door blocking the stairway will open. Before you leave, pick up the pieces of eight (pebbles) found on the ground of some chambers, and take the knife and the mug back. Go to the lower level via the stairway. The plaque on the door blocking the stairway says “Only the unfair pirate will pass.”.

There are five pieces of eight made of stone strewn about the chambers, find them all and pick them up. Each monkey statue has a treasure chest of differing size, use that as a guideline for how to distribute your stone pieces of eight. Give Captain Monkeybeard three stone pieces of eight, the First Swab two stone pieces of eight, and the cabin monkey one stone piece of eight. Your final gold coin can act as a stone piece of eight since you don’t have enough.

Go down another level using the recently opened door. Keep exploring all the nearby chambers and use your knife on the sad monkey and on the screaming monkey. The final statue has been destroyed, you’ll have to find another way to fill the drain below it. Fill your mug with the oily liquid trickling from one of the statues you stabbed. Pour the oily liquid in your mug into the drain beneath the broken statue.

The last door is now open. Go down the stairs. Peer at the stone slab sinking into the lava below the code wheel.

There is a top half of a face etched above the top stairway, the bottom half etched above the middle stairway, and a year etched above the bottom stairway.

Adjust the code wheel to match the faces and date revealed above the previous stairways. Then, follow the stone slab’s limerick - turn the outer wheel 3 extra times, turn the inner wheel 2 extra times, and change the date 4 extra times.

Once you get it right a door will open beneath the code wheel. Enter it and explore the amusement park. When you are ready, turn off all the lights by using Stan's key ring on the light switches.