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Part I - The Largo Embargo

Walk to the map of Scabb Island. Go to swamp and use coffin to swim to International House of Mojo. Talk with fortune teller about voodoo doll of Largo. She will give you shopping list. Walk to Woodtick, take a shovel from sign. Then walk to cemetery. Look at graves. Locate Marco Largo LaGrande's grave and dig it. After You'll get a bone, walk to Woodtick. Enter to bar's kitchen via the window. Pick up knife. Walk to the inn, then use knife on rope to release the alligator. Innkeeper will go after him, so you can enter Largo's room. Pick up toupee. Then go to Wally's house and pick up a piece of paper. Walk to the bar. Talk with barkeeper. When he'll say something about Largo, Largo will come in and spit on the wall. When he leaves, use piece of paper to get the spit on the wall. Walk to laundry shop. Pick up bucket on the right. Walk to the swamp. Use bucket on swamp. Then walk to Largo's room. Close the door and use bucket o' mud on the door. Largo will come in and the bucket will fall at his head. Walk to laundry and listen to the conversation. Then return to Largo's room, close the door and pick up the laundry ticket. Walk to laundry, give ticket to Mad Marty, and he will give you part of Largo's clothing. Walk to fortune teller. Give her four items. She'll give you voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande, and some pins. Walk to Largo's room and use pins on voodoo doll. He will get out from the island, but he will take LeChuck's beard from you. Walk to Wally's place and talk to him. Make sure he has nothing more to tell you. When he puts down his monocle, pick it up. Walk to laundry and talk to Men of Low Moral Fiber (pirates) and agree to buy wood polish (you will get it at woodsmith's place). Then return to laundry and use polish on peg leg. Now walk to the beach and pick up stick. Go to International house of Mojo and take string from the table. Return to Woodtick. Walk to inn. Take cheese squiggles from bowl. Walk to laundry. Open box and use cheese squiggles in it. Use string on stick. When rat enters the box, pull the string. Get the rat. Go to bar's kitchen and put rat in the pot. Then walk to the bar. Talk to barkeeper and ask him about the stew. You will get a job. The bartender will give you 420 pieces of eight. Walk to Captain Dread's boathouse. Give him monocle and 20 pieces of eight.

Part II - Four Map Pieces

Pick up parrot chow. Enter Captain Dread's ship and sail to Phatt Island. You will be captured by guard. When you'll get into a prison, open rock hard mattress. Pick up stick. Use stick on bone. Give bone to Walt and pick up keys. Use keys to open the cell door. Open gorilla envelope and manila envelope. Walk to library and register. Borrow voodoo receipts and some other books. Walk to Phatt's mansion. In Phatt's room, use any book to swap a book from the governor's bed. You'll get book with famous pirates quotes. Sail to Booty Island. Walk to antiques shop. Buy the well polished saw. Sail to Scabb Island. Walk to laundry. Walk to Men of Low Moral Fiber and use well polished saw on peg leg. Walk to Woodsmith's place. Pick up hammer and nails. Sail to Booty. Walk to Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. Ask him to show you the coffin. When he's in, close the coffin. Stan will give you a hankie. Then close the coffin again and use hammer with nails to trap Stan inside the coffin. Get the crypt key. Sail to Scabb. Walk to cemetery. Use crypt key to open the crypt and enter it. In the book o' quotes, search for Rapp Scallion's quote. The same quote will be written on his coffin. Open the coffin and pick up some ash. Walk to fortune teller. Give her Rapp Scallion's ash and book o' voodoo receipts. You'll get Ash-2-Life(tm). Walk to cemetery. Use Ash-2-Life(tm) on Rapp's ash. He will give you a key. Walk to the beach. Use the key to open door to Steamin' Weenies. Turn off the gas and return to the cemetery. Talk to Rapp. He will give you a map piece. Walk to antique shop. Buy the horn. Sail to Scabb. Walk to the bar. Show library card to barkeeper. Buy blue and yellow drinks and mix it. Sail to Booty. Use horn and pick up the flags to shift their position. Use crazy straw with the green drink. Try the contest. When women's scarf is flying, spit! You should win. If you do, you will get a plague. Walk to antique shop. Sell plague for 6000 pieces of eight. Talk to Captain Kate Capsize. She will give you a leaflet. Then charter a ship for 6000 pieces of eight. Sail (with Captain Dread) to Phatt Island. Walk to library and borrow the book "Disaster: Great shipwrecks of the century". Read the book and note the location of the Mad Monkey. Use leaflet with Kate's picture on your poster. Kate will be arrested. Free her, but first take her envelope. Then sail to Booty and sail with Kate to the position of the Mad Monkey. If you will find galleon, pick up the monkey head, then use the anchor to return to Kate's ship. Return to Booty. Sail to Phatt. Walk to alley. Talk to man. Play the game. You'll always lose in the game. Notice the little guy always win. Follow him to the second alley and observe. When he lefts, knock and ask about the next winning number. You will have to guess the password. The answer is always the number of fingers you are shown previously, i.e. if he shows 3 then 5, the answer is 3, or if he shows 1 then 2 the answer is 1. He will tell you the number - remember it and go play the game. You must win the invitation to Governor Marley's party. Sail to Booty. Walk to costume shop. Give invitation to man. He'll give you a dress. Walk to governor's mansion. When the guard will stop you, show him invitation and wear the costume. Walk to Gov.'s mansion. Walk to the side of mansion. Open the door and enter the kitchen. You'll be kicked off the kitchen. Try to pick up the trashcan. The chef will chase after you. Run around the mansion and enter the kitchen. Pick up the fish and go outside. Enter inside the mansion. Pick up map piece and try to escape. The gardener will bring you into Elaine's room. After some nice conversation, Elaine will throw map piece outside the widow. When you will leave, return to her room and pick up the oar. Exit mansion and try to pick up the map. Pick up the dog. Go to Phatt. Walk to pier. Talk to fisherman and bet with him. Give him the fish to get the fishing pole. Return to Booty. Walk to the side of cliff. Use the fishing pole on the map. You've almost got it, but a bird has taken it. Walk to the big tree. Use oar in the hole. Now you will have a nice dream. Everything important will be noted on the piece of paper. Sail to Scabb. Walk to woodsmith's place. Give broken oar to him. Return to Booty. Use oar on the hole. Pick up the plank and use it on third hole. Stand on plank, pick up the oar and put it in fourth hole. You will reach top of the tree. Enter door. Use dog to get map piece. Before leaving, pick up telescope. Walk to antique shop. Buy the sign "Beware of parrot". Use the parrot chow with the hook. Buy the mirror. Sail to Scabb. Go to the bar. Use banana on metronome. Pick up the monkey. Sail to Booty. Walk to the path above the waterfall. Use the monkey on the pump. Enter the cave. Walk to the house. Take the challenge. Pick up mug and use it on tree to empty it. Then use half grog on mug. This will allow you to win. Use mirror on the mirror frame. Go outside. Open the window. Use the telescope on statue. The sun ray will burn a hole in the brick. Push the brick. Look at the skeleton. Pick up the map piece. Sail to Phatt. Go to the library, open lighthouse model and pick up lens. Sail to Scabb and walk to Wally's place. Give him the lens and the map pieces. Walk to fortune teller. She will give you the juju bag. Look inside it. Return to Wally's place. He's captured by LeChuck. Return to swamp. There's a box. Get inside.

Part III - LeChuck's Fortress

Walk upstairs. Walk to the tunnel on right. Look at jail cell and talk to Wally. Enter the back tunnels. Push bones according to what is written on the piece of paper. You'll need to do it 4 times, each time using one of the verses. When you'll find huge door, simply open it. When you'll try to pick up the key, you will be captured by LeChuck. When hanging over the acid, use crazy straw on green drink and spit at the shield. When darkness falls, use the matches.

Part IV - Dinky Island

Talk to Herman Toothroot. The answer for philosophical puzzle is "all colors". Pick up crowbar, martini glass and bottle in the ocean. Use glass on the sea. Use glass o' sea water with still. Use bottle on the rock. Open barrel to get cracker. Give cracker to parrot. Walk to the jungle. Walk left to the big tree. Use broken bottle on the bag - you will get the cracker mix. Use distill water on cracker mix. Walk to the pond, pick up the rope. Open the box using crowbar and get dynamite. Walk to the beach. Give crackers to parrot and note what it says. Enter the jungle and follow the direction given by parrot. When you find "X", use shovel on it. Use matches with dynamite. Use dynamite with the hole. When standing on pillar, use crowbar with rope and use it with twisted metal rods. After you fall down, use light switch. LeChuck will send you to the next room. Try to walk to room with "lost parents". Take your dad's skull. Open trashcan and get surgical gloves. Open drawer and get hypodermic syringe. In the room with many boxes, try to open each box - you must get one voodoo doll and one balloon. When LeChuck comes in, give him clean, white hankie. Walk to room with grog machine. Use the helium tank with the 2 surgical gloves and balloon. Use the coin return and wait for LeChuck to enter the room. When he bends down to pick up the coin, take his underwear. Walk to the elevator. When LeChuck comes in, use the lever to go up. Pick up LeChuck's beard. Use beard, used hankie, skull, underwear and doll in juju bag. Use the lever to go down. Get out of the elevator. When LeChuck comes in, use hypodermic syringe on voodoo doll. When he leaves the room, go after him. That's the end.