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The Curse of Monkey Island

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Enable 3D acceleration

There is an option on menu to "Enable 3D acceleration" which is a joke as the game doesn't use a 3D engine. If you tap on it it will say "We were only kidding.", "No, really, there's not 3D acceleration in this game." and lastly "You can click that all you want, it won't do anything.".

Unlimited cannon balls

During the cannon mini-game you can type "lapostal" and a message saying "Unlimited cannon balls mode ON" will be shown. The sound of the cannon firing will also be different. If you type it again it will go back to normal and you get the message "Unlimited cannon balls STILL ON". This is an original cheat code from the game Dark Forces.

You can also try it in our cannon game.

Turrets from Elaine's fort

Guybrush is able to destroy the turrets from Elaine's fort during the cannon-mini game. Just make sure you don't aim too high.

You can also try it in our cannon game.

Women screaming in the jungle

If you fire the cannon ball into the jungle on the right side of the fort you will hear a women screaming. It might take a few tries though.

You can also try it in our cannon game.

Plunder Island fort secret button

There is a secret button on Plunder Island fort that fires a cannon. The button is close to the bridge near Elaine’s fort.

Murray chewing gum

You can give the pack of gum you get from the Voodoo Lady's place to Murray and he will start chewing and blowing bubbles.

Voodoo doll of Mort

The voodoo doll inside the Voodoo Lady's place is connected to Mort, the gravedigger from Blood Island. After you remove the pin from it you can use it again and Mort will complain. You can also use Murray's arm on the voodoo doll and it will scratch Mort's back.

Puerto Pollo clock tower

The clock tower in Puerto Pollo provides the actual time based on your Operative System and every half hour it will chime LeChuck's theme.

Cutthroat Bill turns purple

On the Mega-Monkey mode when Guybrush pats Cutthroat Bill's back he will choke with the jawbreaker. If you wait a few minutes without patting him a second time he will slowly turn purple.

Van Helgen sings the Monkey Island theme

If you ask Edward Van Helgen about cool pirate stories he will tell you a story of a melody they were stricken with and eventually he will start singing it. That melody is the Monkey Island main theme.

Van Helgen gets sick after Guybrush sings

If Guybrush sings all of the songs to try to get into the barbershop quartet Van Helgen will get sick and circles will appear above his head.

Guybrush pulls out a lighter

After you win the banjo duel with Edward Van Helgen he will start doing a guitar riff. If you don't move Guybrush for a few seconds he will pull out a lighter.

Grassy knoll mysterious door

In the grassy know of Puerto Pollo there is a mysterious door that will take you to some random places in Plunder Island like the balcony of a house or the clock tower.


From that moment on Guybrush reads the informative plaque during the quick sand scene he will always say "Pappapisshu!" instead of "Youch!". The cabaña boy from The Brimstone Beach Club will also do the same.

Feral chicken in the quicksand

If you wait around 5 minutes in the quicksand you can see the feral chicken sinking and disappear completely.

El Pollo Diablo!

When Guybrush gets tarred and feathered most characters think he is El Pollo Diablo, the demon chicken. Although most react the same way and want to kill him, there are a few exceptions like Kenny and Murray. There is also a way to remove the tar and feather by going under the waterfall in Danjer Cove.

Happy new year from Palido Domingo

If you tell Palido Domingo how pale he is on January 1st he will wish you a happy new year. To see Palido say that line you just have to change your Operative System clock before you talk to him.

Sword-fighting with lightsaber sounds

You can press SHIFT + J during the ship-to-ship combat to change the sound of the swords to lightsaber sounds from the Star Wars. You can turn it off by pressing SHIFT + J again during the ship-to-ship combat.

Ship with tourists

If you sail long enough in the navigational chart you'll eventually get a ship called "Glass Bottom Boat" which is a ship full of tourists. If you shoot the cannons during the ship-to-ship combat they will start screaming.

Drowned Guybrush from Monkey Island 1

You can visit the underwater scene from The Secret of Monkey Island where Guybrush is drowned. To do so you need to pick up the seawater 25 times. Guybrush will walk out of the scene without allowing any interaction. However, you can go back and interact with the scene by moving the cursor over the seawater until you see a down arrow.

Grog sign inside the Goodsoup hotel

Inside the Goodsoup Hotel there is a neon sign which you can control the speed by pushing a chain.

Grog portrait inside the Goodsoup hotel

Inside the Goodsoup Hotel there is a portrait of a pirate lady (top left corner) that gets more piratey every time you enter the room. Scroll the image carousel to see all changes.

Cannibals paradigm shift

When Lemonhead tells Guybrush the cannibals had a paradigm shift and are no longer vicious and bloodthirsty one of the reply options is "Pair of dimes?". If you hover the mouse over that option you will get some funny warnings advising you not to pick it.

Stump from Mêlée Island forest inside crypt

To visit the Mêlée Island forest from The Secret of Monkey Island you just have to examine the “crumbling hole” inside Goodsoup’s crypt. This a reference to the stump joke from The Secret of Monkey Island (EGA version) where the game asks you for disk 22, 36 and 114 when you examine a tree stump in the forest.

Spider from The Dig eats Maggie

To see Maggie Robbins from The Dig being eaten by an alien spider enter the Mutual of Stan’s office (crypt) 32 times in a row.

LeChuckie - LeChuck toy from King André

If you tell King André you want to buy something piratey you will have the option to ask for toys. King Andre will then give you a LeChuck zombie toy which you can use anywhere in the game. If you give it to LeChuck in the Roller Coaster of Death he will burn it.

Guybrush pushes LaFoot off the cliff

On Skull Island If you don’t use the umbrella and get smashed on the rocks at least 3 times Guybrush will push LaFoot off the cliff.

Carnival gets dark

In the Carnival there is a sign on the top that says "Guess yer age n weight". If you try to pick it up the screen will go black with only a few contours visible. Make sure you save the game before doing it as it's not possible to get the screen back to normal.

Wally crying in the Roller Coaster of Death

During the Roller Coaster of Death scene if Guybrush examines Wally's animatronic (Dynamo-Monkelectric tortured Wally) he will realise that it is indeed the real Wally. If you talk to him Guybrush will then tell him he cannot save him right away. After you return to that scene Wally will start crying. You can also ask him to stop swinging just like in Monkey Island 2.