Trivia & Secrets

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

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Guybrush tries to pick up Kate Capsize

If you use the "Pick up" verb with Kate Capsize instead of the "Talk to" verb, Guybrush will use pick up lines and try to flirt with her even though she has no interest on Guybrush.

Guybrush gives book to fisherman

There is a book in the Phatt Island library called the Big Book of Fish that you can give to the fisherman. He will gladly accept it so he can identify unknown fish.

Wanted poster with Guybrush crimes

If you read the wanted posters on Phatt Island wharf the crimes committed by Guybrush will be listed there. The list will get bigger as the game progresses based on Guybrush actions.

Bottle o' near-grog

When Guybrush puts Kate Capsize in prison he will get her near-grog bottle. If Guybrush drinks it he will only drink part of it and you will be able to see how much is left by hovering the mouser over the item.

The forbidden shapes

If you try to point a place in Captain Dread's map that is not allowed he will say you can't go there because of a random forbidden shape.

Guybrush needs to resurface after 10 minutes

If you leave Guybrush underwater for more than 10 minutes while he is looking for the Mad Monkey sunken ship, he will drop the monkey figurehead and go back to Kate Capsize's boat as he can't hold his breath any longer.

Guybrush blows horn everywhere

You are able to blow the Booty Boutique horn almost everywhere in the game getting different reactions from Guybrush or other characters.

Guybrush dies in the acid pit

If you wait 5 minutes while hanging in LeChuck's torture chamber, Guybrush will be lowered to the acid pit. However, he doesn't die as the game will fade back to the hanging screen where Guybrush is telling the story to Elaine. After some explanation from Guybrush the game goes back to the acid pit.

Different ways to break the bottle

When Guybrush is on Dinky Island you can break the bottle he picks up from the shores in several different ways.

The colour of a tree falling

If you ask Herman Toothrot to teach you philosophy he will ask you what is the colour of a tree falling in a forest when no one is around to hear it. After several minutes of answering different colours you will get to the correct answer - all colours.

Call box in Dinky Island jungle

While Guybrush is wondering around the Dinky Island jungle he eventually gets to a call box. When Guybrush uses the call box it will call the LucasArts hint line where he can ask some funny questions.

Guybrush inhales helium and sings

During the last part Guybrush will start singing known songs when he inhales helium. The subtitles font is also shown differently to show that the voice is now high-pitched.

Guybrush uses the root beer with LeChuck

During the final part of the game in the underground tunnels Guybrush can pick up a root beer bottle and use it with LeChuck. However it doesn't work as root beer only works on ghosts and not on zombies.