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The Secret of Monkey Island

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Mêlée Island docks sunset

When Guybrush arrives on Mêlée Island you can seen a sunset at the docks which eventually disappears. This is only available in the EGA version and was removed from later version for unknown reasons.

Guybrush transforms into Indy

There is a demo called "Passport to Adventure" which contains Loom, Indy 3 and The Secret of Monkey Island. When playing Monkey island you can transform Guybrush into Indiana Jones by trying to pick up the chalice from the Voodoo Lady's shop.

You can download the demo here.

Guybrush scares a rat

If you put the mouse over the Pirates of Low Moral Fiber rat he will eventually to run away and one of the pirates will be annoyed with Guybrush.

Stump joke in the Mêlée Island forest

When Guybrush tries to use the examine a tree stump in the Mêlée Island forest he will say it's a tunnel and the user is prompted to enter three random disks (22, 36 and 114). This joke is only available in the EGA version of the game. It was later removed from others versions of the game because LucasFilms was getting too many people asking about the missing disks.

Guybrush dies underwater

if you wait 10 minutes after Fester Shinetop throws Guybrush underwater he will die. After a few minutes you will also get a conversation between two pirates about throwing a knife underwater which eventually they decide against.

Learn an insult from the troll

If Guybrush tries to insult the troll on the bridge he can learn one insult which can later be used with the sword-fighting pirates.

Guybrush saves rat from jail

Next to Otis' cell there is a rat in prison which Guybrush can also save by using the grog on the cells lock.

Four ways to destroy the dam

One of the puzzles in Monkey Island requires Guybrush to destroy a dam. There are actually four ways to destroy it. You can use lens with the sun, the flint with the cannon ball, the flint with the staple remover or the flint with the compass.

Guybrush is saved by rubber tree

When you reach the clifftop in Monkey Island if you walk to the far right Guybrush will fall. A popup will show up asking you to Restore, Restart or Quit the game. This is a reference to Sierra games where you could die. However, Guybrush is saved by a rubber tree and the popup disappears.

Cannibal's door lock

Every time Guybrush is locked up by the cannibals the door lock of the hut will get improved. You just need to escape from the hut and return to get caught again. The cannibals will set up to four different type of locks.

Guybrush enjoying creepy stuff

In the Monkey Island catacombs there are some creepy hands, eyes and hearts that Guybrush will comment as being gross when you look at them. If you spend long enough time inside the catacombs Guybrush will hallucinate and start enjoying all the creepy stuff.

Two ways to get the navigator head necklace

There are two ways to get necklace from the navigator head when Guybrush is trying to get into the ghost ship. You can either play nice or you can threat him.

Guybrush kills Bob

You can kill Bob before Guybrush leaves Monkey Island by saying the line "I think I'll zap you anyway." at least once. Before Guybrush leaves he will turn around and kill Bob with the root beer.

Get infinite ghost keys

After you get the ghost key from LeChuck's room you are able to get more by using the compass with the key in your inventory.

Different endings

The Secret of Monkey Island has two different endings depending if Guybrush destroys the ship in Monkey Island or not. If you destroy the ship Guybrush will leave the island with Herman otherwise he will leave with Otis, Carla and Meathook.