Trivia & Secrets

Tales of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge The Curse of Monkey Island Escape from Monkey Island

Flotsam Island rowboat

When Guybrush examines the rowboat on Flotsam Island the description will keep changing.

Flotsam Island wishing well

If you examine the wishing well in the Flotsam Island jungle Guybrush will wish to be the mightiest pirate ever and will transform temporarily into LeChuck.

A pirate I was meant to be...

When Guybrush uses the locket given by the Voodoo Lady inside the manatee with a hole in the middle a song will play. This is a well known song from The Curse of Monkey Island sang by Haggis, Edward and Cutthroat. If you do it a second time Guybrush will start dancing.

Terrify the crew with Murray

On Chapter 3 when Guybrush is inside the Manatee belly you can terrify the crew with Murray. Use Murray with the crew to see him insult them.

There's a monkey in my pocket

If you examine Jacques The Electromagnetic Monkey after you pick it up during Chapter 4 Guybrush will start singing the "Oh there's a monkey in my pocket" song.

Auto-Trepanation Helmet

Not so much of a secret, but still interesting. In Marquis' lab there is an helmet with four buttons. Each button will have different effects on Guybrush even though you only need to use one to complete the game.

Guybrush dances with a monkey

On Chapter 5 the first time Guybrush goes through the crossroads, as a ghost, to Club 41 he will find a "Barrel of Yellowish Liquid" on bottom left of the bar. Select it 8 times an Guybrush will dance with a monkey. After you select it once it will start being called "Barrel of Banang".